I Can’t Rant

Right.  It seems I’ve lost my passion for periodic rants.  I mean, they don’t do any good, so they?  Am I going to change the Meme2world, or even my little part of it, by ranting about how corrupt my government is?  Will that change anything?  NO.  A resounding, echoing, NO.  I’ve ranted about the school system, but I can’t change it.  That frustrates me.  I don’t like to be frustrated.  So, no more rants.  I don’t want to research things anymore.

I suppose it’s not quite that I can’t rant, so much as it is I don’t want to rant anymore.  I don’t want to read news stories about what Obama did/said/allegedly did/said, what sort of garbage Fox News is spouting.  It does me no good to pass along the latest Facebook meme which came from who knows who, who knows where, or for what reason.  I’m not going to change the GOP.  I’m not going to convert anyone to Liberalism. I can’t change the world–only my little corner of it.  It’s useless–wasted energy.  Energy I could put to better use.  Like finishing my novel.  Monitoring my jewelry site, my Facebook pages, now I have a Craigslist account to monitor as we sell off some of our unnecessary crap.

But finishing my novel and monitoring my various online projects is my focus right now.  We may move in only 6 months, and there is so much to do.  Like selling off our excess.  We have around 1000 comic books and another 200 vinyl albums* to sell first.  Then I start in on some of the artwork we inherited.  I have a closet just full of prints and gold paintings.  I have my own paintings and artwork that will adorn my walls, and I’m not into Mom’s style.  So there’s a bunch of stuff to be working on.  Time better spent.

Silver coils wrapped in gold
Silver coils wrapped in gold

So, fewer rants and less interest or need to spout my opinions means fewer blogs, it seems.  I struggle to come up with something to discuss.  Life is good!  I feel good about things.  I feel a sense of hope for the first time since I don’t know when.  Hope that is too important to me to be diluted by angry rants.  I heard a quote once, I think by the Dalai Lama, and I paraphrase, “does your action further?”  The meaning is does your action have a reaction?  Does your action further your cause? Will your action change the course of history?  My answer to all of those questions is No.

I suppose it’s a good thing, but you’ll probably see a lot more Haiku here.

*  For those of you who don’t recognize the term, it was a source of music before CDs and Ipods, traditionally made on vinyl platters and played on what was called a “turn table”.   Very tedious these albums, You had to get up and flip the album over to hear the other side.  Too much work, that’s why they invented CDs.  (Plus cassette tapes didn’t work out so well, as the tape became wrinkled, got stuck, stretched and broke.)

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Rant

  1. I think you’ve got soooo much to think about right now as you said to get ready for the move that it’s wise …to focus on that and not the other things… and it’ll keep you also in a more positive mind-set also to be able to plan etc. One small step or maybe medium size steps at a time !!! Diane

    1. I tend to want to do everything at once. It’s how I used to operate and it’s hard to stop doing that. I’m getting better at it, knowing I have all the time in the world to finish.

      Thanks for your support. I do appreciate it.

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