Google Maps

Ganden Monestary, Lhasa, Tibet (China)

I’ve just spent (wasted) an hour playing on Google Maps.  I know it’s been around a while, I’ve never actually got on it before.  It’s quite interesting.  I hung out in the Himalayas for a bit.  Looked at Lhasa, China (Tibet) at the monasteries there.  I couldn’t get close to those, but it looked like all the buildings are built right into the rock mountains.  And the view, seems to go on forever.  Wow, so much nothing out there.  Nothing but grass and rocks and boulders.  I don’t know how anyone lives there.  The wind I know is horrendous.  Then I explored some other areas of China.  Took a tour of an ancient city (sorry I don’t recall the name) that is apparently preserved.  One of the ‘displays’ was The Yangs’ House.  The intricate woodwork is still there, and I even got a close up of the brick walls.  1000s of years old and not a chink in them. The age and history of this place is incredible.

Perth, Scotland

Then I went to Scotland, because one of my blogger friends lives there.  I was in Perth and Stirling, and Aberdeen, and several other places I can’t recall the names of.  Coming from an American point of view those places are so ancient.  I can’t imagine living in some of those buildings that look as if they were built in the 1500s!  And the Churches and Cathedrals, I know those must be very old and some from that time.  The cities themselves were interesting to a point, then each street began to look like the last street, all gray and drab.  No color anywhere (for the most part).  It seemed to me very depressing.  No wonder the Scots drink.  The streets are so narrow and driving on your highways looks like a walk in the park.  I “drove” around on the A9 for a bit.  Very nice drive.  If this is a highway, we need some like that in LA, so few cars.  I also discovered a severe flaw in the American educational system because I always thought Scotland was it’s own island, as in not contiguous of the UK and Wales’. I guess it was my own fault.  I understood Scotland was it’s own country and that it was an island.  I separated it physically from the rest of the UK.

Eden, Australia

Then I looked around in Australia, because I have other blogger friends there.  Spent some time in Brisbane and Sydney.  For some reason I was surprised at how flat the landscape is there.  I didn’t see any hills at all.  I looked at King George Plaza.  It could be any city in the US, except for how clean it is.  The Beerburum Forest.  Very pretty and at the end of the road was a large hill.  I thought I’d never get there.  This forest is huge.  Again compared to the US this city looks pretty small, and the traffic so light.  But there are some neat old buildings there.  The Hotel CDB on King Street in Sydney is a beautiful building.  Then I ‘walked’ around a little town called Eden.  And it looked as if it might live up to it’s name.  Beautiful and peaceful looking.

OK, I need to get to working on my book.  So that’s it for today.  Great I found another fun computer time suck!

19 thoughts on “Google Maps

  1. Thanks for this. You won the hearts of the Scottish people for thinking Scotland was an island. They are struggling for independence at the moment.

  2. It is a nice way to explore the world yes, but I also like to do for real. Even I have challenges about travelling, I know it is possible, but maybe not in these moment. It is about planning.
    Thanks for sharing.

      1. That was also, what I did mean about planning. First safe money and while I do that, make planning for, where I can afford to travel. Sorry, if I did not explain myself so good.

  3. I love Google Maps and Google Earth. Nothing beats traveling for real but it’s a close second especially when you can wander around the canals in Venice or explore the ruins of Egypt.

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