Club Introvert

Over at 61 Musings there is a Club Introvert for introverts like me.  You know the socially awkward type.  Hate social gatherings, making small talk is damn near debilitating, but once we’re past the small talk I’ll chat your ear off.  Want to talk politics?  I’m your gal.  Want to discuss the weather or sports? Go away.   As an introduction to each other, I was asked to go to Cee’s Photography‘s Share Your World blog and follow these simple steps:

Make a comment starting with “Club Introvert member” and a link to your blog.

Make three new introverted friends from those comments and links.

Answer the following questions posted on CYW:

Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name.  Literate.  By that I mean I like words, writing, and reading.  I love the smell of old bookstores, and could lose myself for hours searching through same.

If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying life than yours?  I hope none, though I hope they were all living just as satisfying a life as me.  In my middle age I am finding peace within.  I hope others have also found theirs.yin yang

If you were a tree, would you become a book or furniture? Please describe.  That’s a tough one.  I’d have to say both.  I’d love to be a nice hardbound copy of one of my novels sitting on a beautiful table hand crafted by my wonderfully talented friend (now deceased).  (No, he did not make the table in this photo.)

You are trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with?  The Dalai Lama.  As a budding Buddhist, I find the Dalai Lama facinating.  I think I wouldn’t mind being trapped with someone so calm and content.

ImageBonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  I am grateful for my therapist.  She is a wonderful, kind and interesting person.  Someone I have begun to think of as a friend and hopefully can be when I end therapy this summer.  I am looking forward to our move this summer.  To that end I have numerous tasks to complete: photos to take, ads to place, apartments to search for.  Medicare to sign up for, supplemental insurance to shop for.  Not a real desirable task, but necessary and I am grateful to be eligible for the benefits, however limited.

4 thoughts on “Club Introvert

  1. Do you know… the question about someone in an elevator… I would like to meet ‘Billy Graham’… I think he’s an honest man and a spirit-filled Christian… not perfect but then he’s never claimed to be…. Diane

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