Just Wanted to Share

Here are a few more of my husband’s photos.

I’ve no idea as to the identity of these flowers, but I like the color and composition.



And I throw these in because they are so interesting.

This grebe created the fish shape on the waves.  I love the way the sun shines on the bubbles.



I hope you enjoyed this little ‘slide’ show.

12 thoughts on “Just Wanted to Share

      1. Maybe if you have a blog that specializes in ‘photos’ you could send him a few and ask his ‘professional’ opinion.. and then tell your husband what he says… I’m sure it would be positive …but do it without telling him.. Diane

      2. He doesn’t know I have shared these. I think a lot about starting another blog just to post his photos…and not tell him until he has a following. 🙂

        Hope you are well my friend.

      3. You’d have to be careful if you did that… re others using his photos …??
        I’m about the same … got in early to have the (3rd and final I hope) esophagus dilation ..yesterday.. was supposed to have it April 23rd… Long story but because of my frustration I wrote my Gasto dr. a letter asking him about a test for what I was questioning as a possibility of my problem…. I think he read it and squeezed me in… there’s more.. I think I’ll email you… Diane

    1. These are all photos my husband took. And yes, we live near the ocean and I am thankful every day. And look forward to moving even closer to the water–we’re talking blocks instead of miles. I’m giving up the woods and 1500sf for a 500sf studio in the city, but I’m gaining beach! Truly grateful.

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