Things are Moving Along

In terms of our upcoming move, most of our ducks are in a row.  We’ve sold the vinyl albums and the comic book collection.  We have grandpa’s baseball card collection we may get rid of.  Son is loathe to part with anything he got from his grandparents though.  They also gave us a small collection of silver coins which may generate a little cash.  I’m not sure, but I’ll look into it.  I still have to photograph all of our Lladros ( we want to sell. Image We have a dozen small sculptures, none of which we are interested in keeping.  Though pretty, they’re just not our taste.  I’ll put them on Craigslist as well.

Agave Americana

Then there are the plants we have to thin out.  We have numerous large agaves and some other great plants that we have in the ground that we don’t want to die.  So I’ll take photos of those and put them up for sale on Craigslist.  Sort of a ‘you dig ’em up and you get them cheaper than if I have to re pot them.’  I think we have five good size blue agaves and six large agave americanas.  They are a royal pain to dig up, having numerous sharp teeth and topped with needle-like points.  In fact the tips of agave were used by native Indians as needles for sewing.  It can be a painful endeavor to dig these up, especially when digging up more than 10 of them!

Art deco aptWe’ve talked with son and he is growing excited about the move.  We told him the other night that we would help him get the apartment set up and pay his rent up front for six months, giving him plenty of time to find work and get on his feet financially.  His car is already paid for.  We will live near enough to him that he can stop by and eat dinner with us, so he’d save on groceries.  We will be able to provide him with living room and bedroom furniture.  About all he’ll need to get is a small dinette set.  And there are plenty of shops in the city to find something suitable and cheap.  He will have enough room for himself and the grandson who will only be there on weekends for the next three years.  It is my biggest hope that son will meet people and start dating.  He will have plenty of time to walk his dog Doobie, who is a total people magnet.  This dog has more personality than five other dogs combined.  He loves everyone and is super playful.  And just cute as hell.


I’ve gotten my Medicare card already and just have to select my plan and send the info to the government.  I’ve looked for a neurologist, psychiatrist, therapist and a general practitioner on the right plan and there are numerous to choose from.  Hopefully at least one of each will be taking on new patients.  That and I like them.  There aren’t that many to choose from if I don’t.  If I pick the insurance plan I’m considering there is only one neurologist.  Though I suppose there is no reason I couldn’t keep the one I have and make the drive.  It wouldn’t be much different from the drive I make to her now.  I’ll have to find out if she takes medicare when I see her next month.

One of the biggest challenges will be drug coverage.  Without insurance two of the drugs I take cost nearly $900 per month!  Most plans cover these, but I’d still have to pay $95 per month for them.  One of the medicare plans though has no premium, no copay and my prescriptions would top out at $50.  Quite a difference when you’re talking monthly scripts that I will continue to be on the rest of my life and the costs will only go up as my income stays the same.

Infinity Paddleboards

This is all going to be such a big change.  New city, living in an apartment for the first time since we were first married.  Living just the two of us after nearly 30 years with son, and 10 with grandson as well.  New doctors, new pharmacy and grocery stores to find.  And yet, I don’t dread any of it.  I look forward to finding a Tai Chi class, though so far I’ve only found classes for the short form while I have been learning and loving, the long form.  I guess it makes sense, the short form is much easier, having only 24 moves instead of 108.  I look forward to walking my dog down to the beach every day.  I hope husband is finally able to lose weight once he gets his paddle board and bicycle.  We will be able to take long walks like we did when we were younger and be excited about seeing new things and just talking, just the two of us.  I hope to find an improv group or a comedy writing troop, but haven’t started looking yet.

Life is good!

16 thoughts on “Things are Moving Along

  1. It really does sound like you’ve got things moving really well.. And when you do make the move.. and you and your husband have time for each other I feel that things will only get better. … and maybe he will delve into his photography further… Diane

  2. i am so so happy for you! you have journeyed far and seem so much happier and hopeful. when reading your blog now i feel the joy. even as you share the challenges ahead you offer possible solutions or just seem to trust that something will work out. sending you big warm hugs my friend.

    1. I do feel hopeful and positive. I look forward to conquering any challenges and am learning to trust the universe to provide the answers. You have been an important part of my journey and I’ve learned a lot about gratefulness and peace from you.

  3. Linda, it is just magnificent to see all you are doing…and doing so well and with such obvious enjoyment!! Wonderful. I will not speak negatively of the various insurance companies and their plans, BUT I know ONE of them all too well. They promise everything and GIVE nothing! And the doctors I love and have had such great relationships with — are ALL dropping out from that dubious company because they (the doctors) are NOT being paid. Oh, hell…I’m going to tell you their name (sort of) because you will be screwed severely if you sign up with them. Hint: the name begins with “H” and ends with “A.” And there may be another “A” inside the word…with possibly a “U,” and an “M,” and another letter very close to “M” in the alphabet. PLEASE trust me on this one! Avoid them like the plague.

    1. Message received and trust me, many years ago I worked in the insurance industry and know a little bit about how some companies operate. I’m not 100% sure I will take the one with no deductible and no premium. I will be checking out their doctors in the next couple of months, then I’ll be sure.

      I appreciate all your support in my journey. 🙂

      With much affection

  4. My first thought is that it’s so great that your son doesn’t want to part with his grandparents things … that signals a good relationship (right?)
    The second thing is that I love reading about your new adventure! Good luck and happiness to you all!

    1. Thank you. Yes, my so had a very close relationship with his grandparents. Since I don’t have a close relationship with them and there is no sentimental value to their gifts, I have to remember my son is different in his feelings.

      I’m glad he caught me before I sold the figurines. I wouldn’t have wanted to have upset him.

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