I Fell – Again

I took a terrific fall last night walking the dogs.   My foot got caught on one of their leashes and my foot went up and my ass went down.  HARD.  Of course I had to hit the concrete drainage canal in the center of the street.  My tailbone on one edge and my head on the other, with my glasses flying off and landing 4 feet behind me.  Damn.Image

If I hadn’t hurt myself so bad I wouldn’t have told my husband,afraid he wouldn’t let me out alone any more.  But I worried a little that I might have given myself a concussion.  My vision was blurry when I got home.  I put a bag of frozen peas on my head and a bag of corn on my tail bone and took some aspirin.  My vision cleared up, and I didn’t have any other symptoms of a possible concussion, or broken tailbone, so I count myself really lucky.

I’ve got a knot on the back of my head the size of an egg, and I can hardly walk, sit, squat without a lot of pain in my tail.  I also somehow strained a muscle in my neck which is surprisingly painful. 

I didn’t think I had to worry about falling until I was in my 70s-80s.  Not my 50s!  I’m quite disappointed.  I tell myself it has nothing to do with my age, that anyone whose shoe got tangled in a dog leash was liable to take a tumble.  But this is the third time I fell badly in the last 10 months – after not having any sort of tumble for many years – and it’s beginning to worry me a bit.  I consider bringing it up to my neurologist when I see her, but I don’t know if it’s really got anything to do with my ms.  Maybe I should carry a cane?  I don’t think a cane would’ve changed the outcome in the instances I fell.  Taking a cane with me to take the dogs for a walk would just give me one more ‘appendage’ to get caught in a leash.  Husband wants me to stop walking the dogs, but right now it’s the only exercise I’m getting.

peasFor today (and maybe tomorrow) the kids are walking the dogs.  They don’t take them on a very long walks, so I feel bad about that.  But I should be ok to take them for their regular walks in a couple of days.  Meanwhile I’m sitting on frozen vegetables and eating aspirin.

I was able to get out this morning and run a few errands.  Only had to park once as everything I needed was in one shopping center.  Walking is actually easier than sitting so walking the stores was a relief after the drive up to the store.  Got a lot done in one trip, including getting some wire from Micheal’s for my jewelry.  I have been asked to make a custom ring and the wire I ordered online never arrived.  Upsetting, but there was nothing I could do. According to their tracking, the product was delivered.  It doesn’t say where it was delivered though, because it sure wasn’t here. There doesn’t seem to be any way to contact the seller beyond the one connection via Amazon, which as yet has gone unanswered.  Luckily it was a small amount of money so it’s not a major loss.DSC09599

So while I’m freezing my backside I am working on some new rings and should have the custom request done by tomorrow.  Everything is working out.  How about that?  Six months ago I would’ve been angry about the missing wire and crying about my fall, but I know everything will be fine.  I will heal in a few days and be back to my usual 2-4 miles a week and ready to increase that.  I still have that 20 pounds to lose. 🙂

19 thoughts on “I Fell – Again

  1. I got those leashes that have the spring fed lead on them… 3-4 meters each, so the dogs can jerk at me without some precious 1 or three seconds to react to their motions. They never get under my feet and the dogs get a more natural walk. They aren’t that expensive. Well worth the money in my view and could stop you from being 3 feet away from your next fall. When you have 3-4 meters or more you can brace yourself.

    Hope your bruises get better.

  2. Linda, I join all those who wish you a speedy recovery! As I think about your indomitable will to survive..even thrive, it seems to me a more accurate name for this post would be “I Fell…BUT…I Got Up AGAIN!” *** 🙂 ***

  3. Oh, NO!!!!! Ouch! You poor thing. I hope those vegetables give your tail bone some much needed relief. Hurting your tail bone is so painful! Smart that you are going to take a walking break. I am SO excited however, about my new ring!!!! Looks perfect! I will email you with my info. Just getting caught up on blogs now. Sleep tight and I hope you are better tomorrow!

  4. i’m sure you have thought of all the reasons why this happened. i had a couple of severe falls 5 yrs ago then it didn’t happen again. i am unsteady at times but have not fallen. it is a trade-off of sorts, i am very careful and assess each path for safety. i take my time and never rush. these are not bad things, although they can be annoying to someone as active as you.

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