Things Are Better Today!

Spent 5 hours in the ER last night, for nothing.  We had given son some pain killers husband had left from his kidney stones.  That Imagewas a big mistake on our part.  It ended up making him really high and fairly incoherent.  The doctor actually called me to tell me of his concerns about Son’s mental health.  He wanted to put him on a 72 hour hold to evaluate him.  I feel so stupid!  But I didn’t know how high he would get.  I’m now sure he probably also took something else that he got over the internet.  Something called Phenibut.  It’s a pain killer apparently used in Europe or Russia, but not in the US.  I guess it’s equivalent to Lyrica.  So between whatever amount of that he may have taken, he ended up very confused about where he was and why he was in the ER.  He was asleep when the doctor came in.  They had to do the ‘sternum rub’ where they put a knuckle to the sternum.  He got very angry about being awakened.  They threatened to call the cops in to force him to allow tests to be run.  They really wanted him to stay.  , But he soon tore the IV out of his hand. I wish he would’ve stayed, he might have gotten a little more help.  They did send him home with some referrals to some local psychologists.

It took about 24 hours for the drugs to completely get out of his system.  He acts so strange on this type of drug.  It makes him feel Imagetired, but he paces back and forth and chatters constantly in a loud voice.  He’ll tell us he’s just fine, that he’s just tired and needs to lay down, but ends up staying energized and awake.  We had to pick up Grandson from his mom’s and we did a lot of talking during the 3 hour round-trip.  He did a lot of ranting at first.  Still angry words for his Uncle.  Still complaining endlessly about his various pains.  Especially the newest injury he inflicted on himself in his raging when he punched a wooden table, cracking a knuckle.

Thankfully he is much better this afternoon.  More of himself.  Finally sober.   By the time we got home he was talking about singing again.  He said he might like to sing the blues, cover some BB King, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison.  I will encourage him a lot in that direction.  Maybe start dragging him to open mic nights at the clubs down in Long Beach this summer.  Maybe even buy him an acoustic guitar for his birthday in June.

mmaHe is seriously considering taking up boxing, or a martial art of some kind, kick boxing.  He says it would probably be a good physical outlet for his energy and his anger.  I also encouraged him in this.  He’s concerned about how he could possibly take up something like that what with his messed up knuckles, bad knee, bad back, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  I told him it would probably do him a lot of good to into good physical shape with something like that and improve his overall health.

I’m so glad he’s come out of this episode quickly and with a much more positive attitude.  I’m happy he’s talking about taking up singing again.  He’s got a great voice, and singing the blues – it would just make my heart sing!  I would also love to watch him take up a martial art.  I wouldn’t mind learning some sort of martial art.  Maybe we could take a class together.   Nah, that would just be weird.  We’re close, but that might be too close.

5 thoughts on “Things Are Better Today!

  1. i don’t mean this to sound judgemental but i am not sure i understand why you would give your drug abusing son left over pain medication. you are a smart woman so you know the chemicals have changed if they are older. second you want your son to be sober but give him drugs. i think you have come so far in your personal journey and i hope that one day you will come as far when it comes to your son.

    i am sending love, hugs and wishes for your peace of heart my friend

    1. I know, what I did was very wrong and stupid! I won’t make that mistake again. He just seemed to be in such pain, and I knew the ER wouldn’t give him anything–even though he decided to go to the ER anyway. That was the biggest mistake of all.

      He’s finally signed up for AFA and should receive something from them soon and get professional help for his pain and his addictions.

      Thank you as always, for your wise words.

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