Been A Rough Couple of Days

Son was still coming out of his rage (and drugs) today.  Feeling much better overall.  His son is sick with strep throat so that’s kept his mind occupied, but he’s still agitated.  He can’t sit still, can’t stop talking.  The same sort of behavior we saw when he was on Xanax, but I’ve checked and I can’t find any and he swears he’s not taking anything.

depression1Just as he was feeling better, he decided since he’d located an old girlfriend on Facebook he’d send her a note asking how she was, and since she’d posted a photo of her little girl, told her she had a beautiful daughter.  She answered him with a rude, scathing note telling him to “stop harassing” her.  One email!  I felt so bad for him.  They had been so tight for 5 years everyone thought they would get married.  It’s been 15 years since they last saw each other.  He thought she would just be another old friend from high school, and her nasty rejection hit him very hard.  That rejection coming so soon after the episode with his uncle sent Son into another funk today.  Her rejection though saddened, not angered him.  He has recovered somewhat tonight.  Taking care of his son I think has helped he keep his mind occupied and pulled him up.

Tonight he’s talking excitedly about our move, now tentatively scheduled for June.  He sounds very happy to be moving into his own place.  Then in talking about the move with an old friend, they started to talk about getting an apartment together.  So he’s very energized about that.  I never thought he would be so excited about our move.  I’m so happy and relieved that he seems to be looking forward to it.  He talks about what type of job he plans to look for.  A lot more interested in having a job than he has been before.  I hope by tomorrow he’s fully recovered and back to normal, no longer so anxious and agitated.

happyI am pleased though how I have handled this weekend.  I didn’t let his constant chatter disturb me.  When it got to be to much I was able to step away for a bit or calm him.  I didn’t fall apart.  I feel much stronger now.  Just three months ago this would have sent me into depression.  I think my strength helped him somewhat from falling into his own deep depression.  I tried to help him understand that letting go of the anger is good for him and holding on to it doesn’t do anything to the people who made him angry.  Maybe a little of that talk is soaking in.

All in all, it wasn’t the worst weekend I’ve ever had.  Hope yours was fabulous!

12 thoughts on “Been A Rough Couple of Days

  1. You are really a strong woman and mother. I think, we feel the need to be so very strong, when a kid needs us in such a case like yours. I’m happy to read, you are in so good shape.

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