It is ridiculous that I get Medicare, but it doesn’t cover much more than hospitalization.  I need a whole ‘nother policy to cover my doctor visits and medications.  Thank you GOP!!!suicide hotline

Anyone out there unraveled the Medicare site?  Talk about un-user-friendly (user-un-friendly?).  I have to pick out the rest of my coverage.  I list my numerous medications and it provides me with many choices for supplemental insurance.  But it won’t let me enroll.  Argh!  So I wait a few days.  I have to go through the same tiresome, tedious process.  This time I get different choices, but I am finally able to enroll in a plan.  I later discover the one I chose has almost NO specialists in the area where we will be moving.  Of course, I had picked the cheapest insurance, but I didn’t see anything else affordable.

So I did a little more digging and found a few other plans.  Plans that did not show up on the list provided by Medicare.  At least I didn’t see them, but as I said, the site is hardly easy to move around.  This time I figured I would call.  They called me back this morning and talked about their plan.  They will email MS logome the enrollment forms.  Now I will cancel the other plan.  This new plan sounds so much better.  But again, I can’t access the provider list unless I am enrolled!  That’s the First thing people want to know…whether their doctors are on the plan.  Still the lady on the phone looked up the area and specialists I will need and told me there were numerous choices, all in town.  She was also able to tell me my current doctors are not on the plan.  The only one I might’ve wanted to keep was my neurologist.  It would’ve been a drive to see her, but it already is.  But she’s not part of the plan.

I with my move I’d have to change anyway.  Still I think this is a better plan than the one I selected and enrolled in.  I hope it’s not going to be as difficult to cancel as it was to enroll.  It costs me more, but it’s not too bad.  And it’s loads better than the drug coverage I would get through Medicare, and costs me less.  Some of my medication co-pays would have been $75 – $90 per month!  Now they will be $15.  And when you take 6 drugs, that really adds up!

All in all I guess it will be ok.  There is going to be a lot of adjustments, new insurance, new rules, new doctors.  At least I’ll get the provider list before July, so  I can start calling doctors to see if they are accepting new patients or not.  My coverage starts July 1, so I’ll have some time to interview some and make an educated choice. happy

Somehow this is probably the most difficult move we have made.  So many things going on.  So many changes.  Son won’t be living with us any more.  All our doctors will be new, the city will be sort of new.  It’s where Husband grew up, so it’s not totally foreign.  Soon we will start packing and really selling the items we can.  Packing for two households.  Moving from one place to two.  Not going to be easy.  And I’m tapering off one of my meds.  Maybe I shouldn’t do that right now.  I’m doing ok so far, but with all the upcoming chaos, I’m a little concerned.  I see my shrink next week and we will work it out.

((Big sigh))  One thing at a time. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Medicare

  1. It is one step at a time, I navigated the mire several years ago and do not have the best plan but at least I am not shelling out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each month for meds. One of my meds with insurance is 100 dollars so I count it a blessing that my disability pay is 700 per month the rest are generics which costs another 100 per month. My hospitial plan is where I get dinged pretty bad I have to pay 275.00 per day but so far they have been accepting payments. I wish you the best of luck with all the life changes and hope you can cancel the one plan that doesn’t fit.

    1. It has been a real learning experience, and one I never thought I’d tackle at this age. Still, any help is help, right? I’m not without medical care and that’s something today.

  2. Sounds like you’re meeting your challenges in fine fashion, Linda. We moved to our new place last year on Halloween and are still trying to get the medical “stuff” under control. But we’ll get there and you will, too! Hang tight, kiddo! 🙂

  3. You have the right attitude, but they sure don’t make it easy, do they? I can’t even imagine the stress it must be to wade through all those medical choices and making plans to handle future bills. I have been going through that recently now that I can finally afford insurance, I got a plan so that my kid is covered. It’s overwhelming to find a new doctor and begin all those relationships. Please keep a lookout for a VA facility near you. I get all my care with VA and I pay on a sliding scale.

    1. There is a VA hospital in Long Beach, but I’ve never gone through the paperwork to get into the system. I do think about it from time to time. Maybe its time to revisit that.

      1. One form, a 10-10EZ, plus your DD214. 30-day supply of any med is $8. I believe that’s the cap for everybody, last time I checked. You can have them mailed to you. It’s the most convenient thing ever. Since I earn a good paycheck, I pay more than most because they use a sliding scale. It’s $25 for a regular visit and $40 for a specialist. And that’s it. No monthly fees, no deductible, just pay per visit. VA healthcare costs me about $300 a year total.

      2. I’d feel guilty–like I was taking time and money away from vets who really needed help and had no other options.

        A friend of mine waited over a year to ‘get into the system’ after he had prostate surgery. Did it take you a long time to get accepted?

        I’ll check out the VA benefits site for that 10-10EZ. Finding my DD214 may be more difficult to locate, but I know where to look.

      3. The time it takes to get in will depend on your particular facility – how busy they are. I completed the whole process in about 3 weeks when I signed up in 2007. Just Google the form, it should be easy to find.

        What your friend may have experienced is making a disability claim. This often takes a year. It’s a compensation program for injuries or diseases that began during service, and is not required prior to seeking health care, but many vets don’t realize that. (our government is so confusing) Compensation is my job, so if you’re ever interested, I’m the person to ask!

        Feeling guilty is very common among vets, but I think it’s often misplaced. When you agreed to give up part of your life in service to your country, you signed a contract. You are well aware of what you agreed to, but don’t forget what was promised to you. Our country agreed that, in return for your sacrifice, it would do things for you in return. One of those things is to provide health care specifically geared toward men and women who served. It is not charity by any stretch of the imagination. But I can totally understand if you choose to go with private care. We vets are a self-sufficient bunch.

        Sorry I’m filling up your post with all this VA-advertisement. I can’t help myself; I just love VA. 🙂

      4. Thanks so much for the information! I will be looking into it, but not sure how it would work with Medicare, or if it would be a stand-alone plan and I should not subscribe to Medicare. Lot’s to read this weekend!

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