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To rent an apartment in California is tougher than buying a house in that each agency has their own application, which has to be completed in duplicate; one for each occupastudio aptnt.  Even though our financial information is the same, as is the address, as is our work status, but two applications, plus copies of your drivers license, social security cards, bank statements, your work history, and proof of income.  We completed less paperwork when we bought the house 5 years ago. LOL.  Then, try and get one of the rental agencies to call you back.  Apparently that doesn’t happen.  At least it hasn’t happened to us.  And each apartment complex has it’s own agency, and therefore it’s own application.  I’m glad we have the time to work on this.  At leas most of these agencies have their applications online and I was able to scan and email the completed forms and all the required data.

We did finally see 1 and a half places.   One place was a little studio and a large patio.  Total area about 450 sf.  And zero closets.  Very nice building though, built in 1912, with all sorts of charm and wood.  Even had a match-box bed.  It’s like a Murphy bed, but slides into the wall instead of folds up into it.  The bed was very small as well.  Not quite full size.  Really beautiful though and a fpenthouseabulous location.

The half a place we saw was a penthouse studio in a 4 story building, without an elevator.  The paint was new but badly applied.  Looks like it was done by blind monkeys.  And the interior of the building was extremely dark.  I must have tripped on the stairs three times.  There was only the one unit on the fourth floor, and it was supposed to have a lock box which I had the code to, but there was no lock box.  So in the end, we saw the interior of the building, but not the apartment.  It’s just as well.  I don’t think I could’ve walked up and down 4 flights of stairs 2-3 times a day to walk the dog.

When we got home today I spent about three hours on the internet looking at more apartments.  Of course it means filling out a dozen applications, and not all of them are available online.    I’ll be calling these tomorrow to see about scheduling a visit.  We plan to be back in town on Saturday and a couple of places are open then.  I’ll email as many applications as possible.

Husband really would like a place in a cool old building, or at least a very small complex.  I dig the old buildings as well, but very few of these have patio space or parking included in the rent.  The 4th floor penthouse had only metered parking in front of the building.  That would be seriously difficult.

big complexI’m willing to consider one of the large complexes (several hundred units) for the perks.  They all have laundries, most have gyms and pools, and many have patios and/or balconies.  They are fitted with new flooring and kitchen appliances.  Many also include a refrigerator, disposal, dishwasher and a washer and dryer in the unit.  All serious perks, if you ask me.  But Husband is not thrilled about any of the large places.  I guess we’ll find a compromise somewhere.



14 thoughts on “Apartment Search

  1. It appears I am late to the show once again… Hate to see you in a search for new accomodations… Especially in this wretched heat. Its gotta be scorching up where you live… While its been quite a while since living in an apartment, the process you are describing sounds dreadful. 😦

    1. We’ve owned for the past 20 years. Very tedious process to be sure. I spend hours at it each day. Now I have to start looking for a way to rid ourselves of old and broken furniture before we move.

  2. california living is so different than most places. that is both good and bad:) 450 sq ft? i know my sister lives in berekley and is thrilled to be able to afford a one bedroom. when we decided to move closer to where i work i was more than happy to move to a smaller place. of course it still wasn’t quite that small. the positive is no one can move in with you! i wish you the best in your quest for a new home and hope that it goes smoothly for you.

    1. Right. We are also looking for a place for son. We hope to find a larger place for us, then all three move in while son gets a job, then we’ll help him get his own place. It sounds like he’s actually looking forward to it.

    1. LOL, I don’t like taking care of my current 1500 sf, I can’t imagine 5,500! I look forward to something less than 1000, which by the looks of things, won’t be too difficult.

  3. Sounds like a nightmare process to rent, at least that part is straightforward here, if really expensive. I am paying a third less since I bought my flat. Should hopefully mean I can save for my planned California trip later this year. Planning on being a passenger on route 1 since I don’t drive.

      1. I think so. Long Beach is on the coast and Pacific Coast Highway (Rt 1) runs right through town, so if you come this far north, we could perhaps invite you to lunch!

  4. Did I miss a post? I thought you were headed to Washington. Anyway, I’m with you old buildings are nice to look at but the amenities of the newer buildings suit me just fine… especially, elevator, dishwasher, laundry easy to get to, and a pool would be the icing on the cake for me….. Diane

    1. We decided we couldn’t move that far away from Son and GS. Long Beach is where Husband grew up and just was a more practical choice. Moving to Washington seemed like we were abandoning son. Plus it’s cold and wet and I wasn’t sure about my health in those surroundings.

      We’re going to look at four older small buildings and one of the large modern complexes tomorrow. We’ll see what Husband thinks.

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