On Humor

I’ll just say this right now:  I love George Carlin.  I mourn his loss deeply.  I love Jon Stewart, Louis CK, Lewis Black and Bill Maher.  The common denominator is they are all “subversive” comedians.  I guess it appeals to my penchant for being subversive and loving controversy.  I also desperately love being on stage.  It’s only happened a couple of times, but I loved every minute of every time.  The laughter, applause, and the fact that these people were paying to see me.   For me it’s better than sex (that’s another blog ).  Louis-C_K_

For a while it seemed to come so easily.  I was working and came across funny situations constantly.  I carried around a little note pad and jotted ideas down all the time.  I am funny when I am around people.  I see things from a different perspective which seems to naturally come across sort of funny.  I miss making people laugh, though these days I laugh a lot more.  I am happy and feel lighter.  I still want to do stand up.  But I find myself avoiding writing.

Dalai LamaI should be spending hours working up material so I can gig down in Long Beach when we move.  I’m retired, so staying up til midnight is no longer a problem.  Open mic nights should be a cake walk.  All I need is 5 minutes of funny.  How hard can that be to write.  Right?  Surprisingly difficult.  I’ve discovered I’ve become too happy to write funny.  They say comedy is pain plus time.  Since I’ve come out of my depression, I have the energy to write, but not the material.  Except I do have material, but it’s been put away in the back of my head.  You know, the Buddhist idea of letting go of the past.  Living in the moment.

So my new-found belief in kindness and Humanism has sort of stifled my creativity.  Let’s face it, a lot of humor is about making fun of people and things and situations.  I am finding it hard to write in a way that satisfies my personal and moral core, yet is funny.  Can I be a funny Buddhist comic?  Poke fun at the Buddha?  Laugh about meditation?  I think yes, but maybe I don’t have enough experience in these things to come up with the funny easily?  weird people

So do I study the memes that pop up on my Facebook page, find a way to work up a routine on being an Atheist/Buddhist/Humanist?  A new challenge surely.  Has it ever been done?  Can it be done?  Maybe many of you don’t know, but the Dalai Lama is funny sometimes.  Why can’t I be?

So a Buddhist, a nun and an Atheist walk into a bar….  Hmmm.  I’ve got some work to do.

11 thoughts on “On Humor

    1. I may need to take a writing class and learn more about writing jokes. All of my writing is more story-telling than jokes, so I’ve got to find a new style. Stay tuned!

    1. Thank you. I believe making jewelry again has helped a lot. Now if it would just sell, I would be thrilled. But I’m afraid I’m too run of the mill to make millions. I’ll settle for one sale a month!

  1. I love all those comics too! And I see things different than others as well. But I can see your point, how do you write material on Buddists? But I don’t think you have to have pain in your life to be funny and I don’t think we have to make fun of something to be funny. Ellen Degeneras (sp?) said she would not do that for a laugh and I respected that a lot! Maybe you can be a new stand up comic and make people laugh in a whole new way. Show people they can laugh about stuff, not at stuff. I don’t think people know that these days. I bet you will be great at it!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I will be working on this and maybe I’ll have something by the time we move. I’d really love to make people think about things differently.

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