MS and Moving Stuff

I haven’t had much problem with my MS since I retired.  I am able to sleep the 10 hours a night and nap for 2 hours during the day, but have energy in between.  But for a long while there I didn’t always need a nap, but lately I have no choice.  About 2 hours after I take my morning meds I am so sleepy if I don’t lay down I’ll fall asleep where I am.  Again, I am lucky enough to usually get that much needed nap.  I mentioned it to my neuro at my last appointment, and she replied that all the meds I take have a “may cause drowsiness” warning.

I finally told myImage neuro that I stopped taking the Copaxone injections.  I didn’t tell her I quit it last year.  When she asked me why, I told her because I was having trouble finding injection sites that still had fat.  The Copaxone destroys fat cells at injection sites, like liposuction.  I also said I didn’t know if it was doing anything, since I hadn’t had a relapse in over five years.  My neuro mentioned that perhaps I hadn’t had a relapse because the Copaxone was working.  I told her that if I had a bad relapse I would try one of the new oral drugs.

I have been noticing more symptoms lately.  The fatigue, heaviness in my legs and arms, pain behind my eyes, increased trigeminal pain.  The problem with my thumbs and ankles was really bad during the last little heat wave.  It was about 95 for 3-4 days.   I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been taking the injections, but now that I’m on medicare I’m not sure what disease modifying drugs are covered.  So once I get set up with a new neurologist in Long Beach I may revisit the subject.  Which reminds me, I have to find all new docs down there and should start calling those in the area to see if they are taking new patients.  Then make arrangements to have my records sent.  Neuro, GP, psychiatrist, and therapist, but I’ll take it one at a time and it will all get done.  If I worry about everything that we still have to do, I’d be overwhelmed.

We are very close to signing a lease on a beautiful little apartment.  It looks to have been built in the 20s above a garage.  It has old wood floors, a cute little kitchen with a little eating nook.  The bathroom still has the original tile and ceramic fixtures, though there arbedroome chips and cracks, I love the look. It even has a period mirror.  There are two nice sized bedrooms, each with floor to ceiling windows and little balconies where we could put a flower pot or two.  There is a dirt patch in the back that they call a yard, but Husband could take many of his favorite plants if they don’t mind us doing the landscaping and maintenance, but I will try to remember to ask at the signing.  The landlord did say we were at the top of his list of applicants.  We should know for sure tomorrow when he goes over all the paperwork.  Fingers crossed, we really fell in love with the place.

We started packing up some items, mostly books and nic nacs, and gone through closets for donation clothes and other items.  I’d already donated all my work clothes to a service for poor and homeless women to help them dress properly for jobs.  But we still have jeans and shirts that no longer fit. So we are starting to live in disarray, trying to keep the boxes straight and not put something we want or need to keep in the donation box.

All in all even with the increase in my symptoms, my health is very good.  My mood is still high and we are looking forward to this move.  There is still so much to do I’ll need to make a list: power, water, gas turned on and off, getting our DirectTV moved, setting up the computer, printer and wifi , new furniture to buy (this one sounds like fun) and I know I will do almost all of that.  It bothers Imageme a little less now than it used to because I realize Husband doesn’t like to do all that, he lets it overwhelm him and he gets confused.  I will make him take care of the simple things like calling to turn off power, etc.  And he does 90% of the grocery shopping, which I hate to do, so I’m willing to handle the more complex things like getting medical records moved and handle the computer stuff.  He’ll handle 95% of the physical move, so it seems pretty even. Once we get ourselves settled we will get Son into his own place and he can start looking for a job.

I like having Husband retired, and I love the idea of being just the two of us again after ten years.  Just like being newlyweds again!

13 thoughts on “MS and Moving Stuff

  1. What a lovely place! Moving is stressful in and of itself. Tack on MS and you have a recipe for a mini-flare. I’ve also always found that for some reason strenuous lifting aggravates my symptoms. Perhaps a day of rest is in order.

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