Meditation Haiku

Thoughts race, breathing deep

quiet mind, distracting sounds

sitting meditation

My new neighbor is very knowledgeable about Buddhism and he has been holding small gatherings of people wanting to learn and share their experiences.  We always have a 20 minute meditation.  I always thought the idea of meditation was to silence your mind, stop your thoughts from bouncing like a super-ball in your head.  Tonight F said he feels you should just allow your mind to roam freely.  You recognize each thought as it comes and then you let yourself move on.  What do you think meditation should accomplish?  Is it to calm your mind, slow down your thoughts?  Or is it an opportunity to let your mind run without having to act on anything your mind comes up with? 

I’ve prepared a short list of places I want to check out tomorrow.  There’s a yoga studio that sounds interesting, two Buddhist temples, and a martial arts dojo.  I hope to decide tomorrow which type of class I want to take.  The yoga is apparently a ‘new’ form created by a man named Mic Ja and sounds really interesting.  Then there’s the part of me that wants to take up kung fu or karate, or even boxing or some sort of MMA training, but I’m really intimidated.  I don’t expect to start a professional fighting career, but I’m not sure I can do something like this at my age.  I want to think I can, but I’m trying to be realistic here.  I don’t want to go into one of these places and get laughed at.  Though on second thought, I suppose they wouldn’t, because no matter what they think about my abilities (or lack thereof) they still want my money.  So I’ve got that going for me.  mma

So I hope to decide what classes I want to take, and whether I want to take up yoga and karate, or just one for now.  At least I’m finally getting motivated.

7 thoughts on “Meditation Haiku

  1. The thoughts that come during meditation == You can’t stop a bird from flying over your head but you CAN stop it from building a nest in your hair. 🙂

      1. Actually, I don’t know the exact differences myself! LOL There is just a temple that offers kung fu and tai chi. It’s a beautiful place from what I could see. It wasn’t open when I went by, but I will call today. I’m getting upset with myself that I’m falling into old habits.

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