New Stuff

I just had to replace my laptop.  It had been shutting down on me periodically and the power jack would get very hot, but computerbefore I could take it in to have it evaluated, it fried and will no longer power up.  It took me a weeks or so to select a new laptop and I’ve spent the last several days trying to find my way around Windows 8.1 and a whole new look.  I still can’t find things and have been unable to figure out how to make certain changes.  Everything is different and I have to change some settings every time I turn it on, like “View on Desktop” but I can’t always find the desktop and my short cuts.  On the plus side, it is faster than my old laptop, has much better sound quality, and they’ve made improvements on the battery and power jack.  I don’t think this one has as big a chance of overheating as my old one.  So far so good, though it seems like my space bar sticks a little.  I also can’t figure out the mouse.  I have to find the settings for that, but haven’t yet.

I started Shotokan Karate last weekend and have had four lessons already.  Sensei said Shotokan is the most difficult form of martial art.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I can see that to do the moves properly takes many years of practice.  I have a problem with recognizing left from right, and mirror imaging, so I often have the wrong hand or foot forward.  The turns are tricky too.  It looks so simple when I watch others make the moves, but when I do it I find I’m turning the wrong direction.  Turning to the left isn’t as simple as just turning, but you make a 3/4 way turn in the opposite direction (or so it seems to me).  There are also no mirrors in the room, so I have trouble following the other students, as I have to turn my head, and therefore I no longer have the proper karateposture. Sensei is Japanese and has an accent to get used to.  He uses Japanese terms that I am unfamiliar with and I don’t know the terminology yet. (I need to find a book.)  I can’t tell when one word ends and another begins.  He speaks rapidly, throwing in Japanese terms and with my problem knowing my left from my right, it’s no wonder I’m confused.  I hope to make it through the month at least, and maybe take the next class.

I have been practicing at home watching videos on Youtube, but each person has their own way of teaching so I can’t necessarily study the moves I was shown in class.  But the basic moves are all the same and the way you move is always the same, so I think watching he videos helps.  I do like the class though.  It reminds me a little of Tai Chi, except for the speed.  I work up quite a sweat and get pretty red in the face and breathing hard.  I would’ve thought the Zumba classes I was taking had gotten me into a little bit better shape.  I had no trouble dancing for an hour, but this is a whole different kind of work out.

The heat has been horrendous for the last couple of weeks.  Even this close to the water it’s in the 90s!  There has been very little breeze and of course, we have no AC.  We had to change the curtains in the living room.  The sheer ones we had weren’t doing much to keep out the sun and heat.  We finally got the new ones hung, and they are much better at blocking the sun.  The temp in the room is still high, but probably a few degrees cooler.

Still making changes in my life.  Learning karate, taking an improv class.  I’m out of the house four nights a week, and then out with husband another two, going out to dinner, or taking out the kayak.  I’m happy (most of the time) with my life and have an easier time accepting my aging body, wrinkles and all.  lol!

8 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. You sound so happy and determined and busy and wonderful – you are an example to all of us of how to contend with adversity. Thank you for your inspiration, my beautiful friend xxxx

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