On Being AWOL

Sorry for my absence; I look forward to doing some catching up.  You all know how life can get in the way of the things we fill our days doing.  I haven’t been inclined to blog (or read) lately.  I don’t know why.  But I also know it doesn’t really matter.  I have looked at what little I’ve been doing these past few weeks and am not sure I don’t have a little bit of a depression.  But I feel content, so I guess I’m not depressed, right?

I did not enjoy my improv classes.  Maybe it was the way the class was taught.  All we did was play various games, which is fun and can be funny, but always left feeling like nothing came of it.  Week after week of just games to teach you how to do scene work and take on characters and feed off your stage-mates.  It was a beginners class, so maybe I should try the class for more experienced people?  Maybe I’m just not that interested any more?

How does that happen?  Why do we lose interest in things?  I can’t say I’m bored with improv, but that this class wasn’t the right one for me.  But I’m not really interested in taking another class.  I was all gung-ho for months, and now, I’m just–uh, don’t care any more.  It’s surprising.  I don’t feel this need to do it any more.  Is that personal growth?  Loss of interest?  New interests?  Can’t be that, I haven’t got any new interests, with the exception of karate, and that has not begun to fill all the hours of my day.  I should practice 2 hours a day every day, and I get in about 1 hour every other day.  Not enough.  I tend to get quite fatigued very easily, and need to take many breaks when I practice.  Today I just woke up exhausted, ran a few errands and was going to practice when I was home.  By the time I got home, I had to take a nap.  For four hours!  Plus a couple weeks ago I started getting pain in the ball of my feet.  Turns out it’s hairline fractures, and I;m supposed to stay away from heavy

8 thoughts on “On Being AWOL

  1. You have been gone but glad you’re back. I know what you mean about being a little depressed…. and yet it’s not like depression just a kind of feeling somewhat lost these days… not feeling great and in the middle of getting a new doctor.

    You sometimes forget my friend that you have MS… When you over-do things you’re going to get that MS fatigue. The last time you posted you were quite enjoying your new home and different things with your husband….

    Anyway, ease up a bit on activities … be content with 1 hour every other day… It’s supposed to be for your enjoyment after all ..not a requirement… Diane

  2. Linda! It’s so good to hear from you and to know how well you’re doing…with your plans, projects, interests, and recreational activities! I don’t know how you do it! But you seem more at peace with yourself than ever. And that’s a good thing! Keeps you young and in love with life! Right?! I’m still chugging ahead with my haiku, 2100 posted since we first met here on WordPress back when Moby Dick was still a minnow! *g*

    Looking forward to hearing from you in the weeks and months ahead…or just hit me with an email from time to time!



  3. sometimes we just have to try different things to find what is right for us. it happens many times throughout our lives as we change and grow or our circumstances change. at times i have thought you to be a bit hard on yourself.

    for me it was interesting timing to see your post as i had been thinking of you and hoping you would post some update. i am glad you have not completely stopped blogging.

  4. I go through these phases from time to time, it could be a few weeks, months or even a year or so. I just have no enthusiasm to either write or read blogs. Then I get back into it and can write several blogs in one day. There are times when I just think I don’t have anything to write, The things going on in my life I don’t want to write about. Then things change and I start wanting to write again. When I first started going through these phases I felt guilty but then I remembered that I don’t have to write or read unless I want to.
    You should never feel bad for being absent, it is your blog your life, write as and when you want to.

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