Fatigue and Weakness

I’ve been feeling weak-legged and exhausted the last two days.  Sleeping more than 10 hours a night and napping up to 4 hours.  The family is concerned and so I made a dr. appointment, but can’t get in until next Tuesday.  I don’t think it’s anything too concerning, but I’m not getting much done and can barely make it downstairs, let alone do any errands, or take the dogs for a walk.  We are supposed to go up to the house Thursday and go through it with a realtor (we’re doing a short sale), but I don’t know if I’m going to make it.  The biggest question of course is what is causing this fatigue?  A bug?  MS?  Hypothyroid?  Menopause?

is-this-menopauseI had a bug for the first two weeks of January, where I was nauseous and fatigued, unable to do much, but this time the fatigue is much worse and while I have no appetite, I am not nauseous.  Of course, if it is a flu or something, there is not much I can do about it.

MS?  I still haven’t gotten set up with a neurologist yet.  I saw one a few months ago, but didn’t like him, then the insurance changed, and well, here we are.

My thyroid seems the most likely culprit.  I’m hypothyroid and already taking meds for it, so might it be getting worse?  Family doesn’t really want me to wait to see the doc, but in researching possible causes I found mention that if the fatigue doesn’t improve in two weeks to see a doc, so I think I’m ok waiting til Tuesday.  thyroidlady

If it’s menopause, there isn’t much I can do. I’ve had such a rotten time of it, and it’s not getting any easier either.  I have upwards of 15 hot flashes per day, and sweat all night, for two weeks at a time.  Sort of PMS-like, with what they call “Phantom Periods” where you have all the joy of PMS and none of the relief.  Most information you will find on menopause tells us that it usually begins by age 50-52, and is considered to last between 4-5 years by most doctors, but up to 15 years based on more recent studies.  I’ve been having issues for 14 years already, and getting more severe each year.  Two years ago I had my hormone levels checked and my Gyn told me I wasn’t anywhere near menopause based on the results.  Really?  After more than 10 years?  I really feel like I am the only woman on the planet who will still be having hot flashes and periods into my 70s, or worse!  I’m ready to have a complete hysterectomy just to get past this.

Did you know there are 35 symptoms of menopause?  Of those 35 I experience a good 30 of them.  It just doesn’t seem fair to me.  To have dealt with mood swings, depression, etc., all through my ‘reproductive years’ only to be unable to find the relief Mother Nature promised me.

On the good side of things, I have at last dropped 30 lbs!  I almost have my waist back–though I realize it will never be 26″ again.

9 thoughts on “Fatigue and Weakness

  1. Oh dear, you have so much going on. You’re smart to approach it with thoughtfulness and caution though. No need to go running to an emergency room for every thing that is scary and confusing, in my opinion. I think you did the smartest thing: made an appointment, then did some research to see if it’s ok to wait. It’s obvious something is going on with your health- that fatigue sounds drastic.

    Well, here’s hoping you get as much good quality sleep that you can, and crossed fingers that you get some kind of answers after your appointment. Hugs.

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