MS and Time on My Hands

Stuck in bed again today and feeling worse and can’t get in to see my GP, so Husband took me to Urgent Care.  I saw an amazing Nurse Practitioner, who immediately upon hearing I had MS said it was most likely a flare.  She was a bit surprised I didn’t realize it and was good enough to let me know feeling this weak and fatigued could not be the result of anything else.MS logo

They ran lots of tests; glucose levels, checked for anemia, checked my thyroid function, even an EKG, since when I exert myself, say walk to the next room, I feel as though I’d run a mile and breathe very hard and fast, and my heart races.  All the tests showed nothing was wrong, helping confirm the NP’s diagnosis of MS flare.

I feel sort of stupid, and I considered this might be a flare, but since I’d never experienced this before, and hadn’t had a flare since 2009, I didn’t really connect the dots.  The Urgent Care referred me to the same neurologist I had seen and didn’t like.  I told the NP that when I went to see him before he made it sound as if he wanted to do all the tests and diagnose me again.  The NP said, yes, that would be normal procedure.  I have an appointment with the neuro on Friday.

Chateau de Gudanes, dating from the 18th Century
Chateau de Gudanes, dating from the 18th Century

Since I am basically bedridden until the neuro prescribes some sort of therapy, I’ve been playing on the ‘puter and discovered this:

It made me think about my blogging friend, at  He and his partner recently relocated to France and purchased property there.  He’s posted a few photos of their new place, and when I looked at the Chateau de Gudanes, I thought of them.  Not that they purchased a chateau, but it is a grand home and very old.  I am still awaiting photos after they are all moved in.  I’m eager to see what Justmerveilleux does with decorating the place.  He showed photos of their last place and it was amazing.

8 thoughts on “MS and Time on My Hands

  1. I am really pleased you had a good nurse who could say with some confidence what is going on. It seems like it would be a relief to know it’s a flare of MS, and not something brand new to add to your health cocktail. But still, disappointing to have a flare in 2015 after peace since 2009. Thank goodness that the Internet is filled with so many interesting things to entertain one who is temporarily stuck.

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