And So It Drags On

The Short Sale on the house just got put on hold.  My realtor is furious and blaming me for providing her with wrong information.  I was told everything was a go a few weeks ago, then someone from BofA called my realtor and said she couldn’t list the house.  Now the realtor has to pay a fine because she’s already listed the house on the MLS.

ForeclosurePlus we owe some $3000 in fees, dues, and fines or the HOA will take us to court.  I called the lawyer today and talked to a secretary who made it seem like it was no big deal.  We just complete a simple Stipulation–basically a payment agreement.  When I got to the guy to discuss the stipulation he explained if we can’t pay the $3000 all at once, they will take some $400 per month until the house is sold.  The HOA already has a lien on the house and will get their money when the house is sold.  I calmly explained to the lawyer I couldn’t afford more than $100 per month.  They said that wouldn’t suffice.  I said I was sorry, but we couldn’t afford more.  They said if I couldn’t make ‘acceptable’ payments the suit will go forward.  I said, it wouldn’t make a difference, we can’t afford to pay it.  They said the judge will then place a judgement against us.  Which from my understanding is usually double the actual requested amount.  Thus we would then owe more than $6000.  I laughed and said that paying that would just be more impossible for us.  So stupid!  If I can’t afford to pay you $500, how can I possibly pay you $6000.  I’ll have to call a lawyer for help and that won’t be cheap!mental healthHave you ever been so sorry for doing something?  Buying that house was such a big mistake!  But I didn’t know I’d have a breakdown and have to leave my job only two years later.  There is always so much more to a story, right?  The human story that financial institutions and lawyers are hard wired to ignore the human aspect of a situation.  They are acusatory in their tone, nu-apologetic at their approach with you.  As far as my bank and HOA can see I bought a house I couldn’t afford and I should be punished for becoming disabled. Today I feel like my life is taking a very negative turn and I am glad I have an appointment with a shrink next week.  I hope he can recommend a good therapist.

11 thoughts on “And So It Drags On

    1. It has stressed me out to a surprising degree. Seems I can’t handle stressful situations very well any more.

      I appreciate the sympathy. It helps me know this too shall pass.

  1. 9 mos. after i took a great job, had reached what would in my profession be considered the peak of success, i had a heart attack and within a month had been admitted to ICU with multi-system failure. four months before that we bought a house in a town closer to my new job. i tell you this only to say i really do know how you are feeling. no one knows for sure what is going to happen tomorrow. we like to think we do, we make plans, buy houses even. then life steps in and sends us in another direction.

    lawyers are indeed programmed to get as much as possible for their clients. as a trained mediator i would suggest you are eligible to go to mediation. the courts are over-flowing with small cases such ass this. they want people to go to mediation and settle out of court. don’t let yourself be bullied. stand strong and things will work out. i know that sounds empty but i say it with conviction.

    i am so sorry this is happening and just want to remind you that you did nothing wrong. get that referral so you have someone to talk to, it will help.

    1. Such sound advice. I thank you deeply. I’m also sorry to hear about your somewhat similar event. The thing that gets me is the lack of help. I’ll look into mediation. The whole idea of law suit is ludicrous and yet scary. I hope to hear something positive from the lawyer, but it doesn’t look good.

  2. This is dreadful news. I can only imagine the stress you are under. I completely see your point about the money, and I’ve been there myself in the past: If I can’t afford the fee you are charging me now, then how do you expect me to pay even more once you’ve sued me? Craziness. Of course it will all be settled eventually. But in the meantime, what a dreadful mess. I am so sorry to hear this.

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