11 thoughts on “California Nearly Spring Haiku

      1. I hope my poem didn’t sound like I was bragging about the weather here. Mostly I jotted that one down because our weather has been so unseasonably warm all winter. I hope we don’t have a unseasonably warm summer!

        Hope your weather improves soon!


      2. Wonderful! Now I hope it won’t snow again until November.

        Do you hate it when the snow melts? Piles of blackened slush everywhere, dead brown grass pressed flat. It always bothered me for some goofy reason.

  1. Eek, 80s in March. That seems a bit much. I love 80s, don’t get me wrong, but I do prefer working up to it. Does it get dreadfully hot there in August? How great is it that our enormous country has so many different climates to choose from? The same with Canada: we have often have the opportunity to move somewhere else in search of what works for us. I have a friend who chooses his homes in climates based on airborne moisture, because it’s healthy for his skin.

    1. Husband was born here, I don’t get along with family in WI, so, here I am. I could’ve easily settled anywhere else had I married someone else. Isn’t that something to think about?

      Airborne moisture? I guess if it works for him. How’s he look, anyway?

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