It was a beautiful day today.

Me, happy.  1979.
Me, happy. 1979.

I got up, walked the dogs with Son as we always do.  We all had breakfast together.  I was exhausted and went to lay down for 1/2 hour or so, but Husband let me sleep.  So when I awoke I found it was 1:30 in the afternoon.  It felt like I wasted a lot of time, but I made up for it.  Husband and I spent most of the afternoon in the yard, listening to music, and watching the hummingbirds and butterflies.  It was wonderful!

4 thoughts on “Thankful

    1. Some days I just feel so good, and I’d just spent then last 2 days playing a stupid computer game. I told myself I wasn’t going to do that. Indeed, a beautiful memory formed.

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