Took Long Enough!

I just finished reading a very good book.  The author’s breakthrough novel.  I usually don’t read those.  Jealousy.  Pure and simple.  I am jealous of their success and wish to myself I would unstick myself and really pursue writing like I wanted it. Angry, and disappointed in myself.  It dawned on me just now…Why I don’t pick up my novel and finish it.  I’m afraid it’ll be crap as I read it.  It is mid-edit currently.  All my notes are there, I just need to type them into the story.  It’s very nearly finished, except for typing up this edit, and probably two more.  But that will be easy.  The edits I have sitting there are tough ones, and I’m afraid when I pick up the manuscript and start working I will realize how bad it truly is.

Ridiculous!  Why in the world should I be afraid it’s no good.  Of course it’s good!  I’m a pretty fair wordsmith.  I think the story is interesting.  I may need to round out my characters, but I think that will come in the final edits.

So short and sweet of it is, I just grabbed the manuscript and started to read.

It’s not too bad.  Some of it might be a little flat maybe, but there’s an interesting story to tell. I’ll have to see what happens when I start working on it.  Gotta go, there’s lots of work and I might be getting excited.  More tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “Took Long Enough!

  1. I know how you feel, it is similar to my thoughts,,, my storyline I believe is good, but maybe my writing could do with polishing.. Unlike you I am not a wordsmith, I am forever checking words… anyway keep going and finish… 😉

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