It’s a Total Re-Write!

But it will totally be worth it. weird people I started working on my novel after everyone had gone to bed.  I spent three hours on it last night and have completely changed the book.  I have three plot lines running and have decided that (for now anyway) I will omit them in this draft.  I’ve also made other changes and am starting to get excited about it again, but (heavy sigh) this will be my second complete re-write.  My first draft got lost in a move so I re-wrote it into this pitiful version.  Now to do it again, but without the sub-plots it should go very quickly.  I’m also thinking of reworking those stories so they can stand alone.  Now I have three (relatively short) novels in the works!  One of them might even be good!

Right now, I’m going to catch up on reading blogs.  I’ll get back to work on my book tonight.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Total Re-Write!

  1. Yes! I can only imagine the dreadful feeling for having lost a draft. Still, I am sure the latest version will be a good one. Your thoughts are coalescing, your skills constantly hone…there is no other way it could go than better! Looking forward to hearing more about your book.

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