A Question of Morality

I think too much about war and how stupid it is. It’s always the government, political leaders, religious zealots, mad men, who take us to war.  So much destruction on both sides.  Why do armies destroy everything, killing cattle, burning fields and houses, killing civilians?  Why is it farmers’ sons march off to war?  The civilians starve, the prisoners starve, the soldiers starve.  In the end millions have died.  And why?  Because President A wants the land Prime Minister B has, or King W burns the ships of King Z, because he felt King Z was a threat.

Why can’t we just go in and take out the crazy politicians who take us to war–and before you scream, “how do you know which ones are crazy”–they’ll be the ones dragging their country, deluded and disillusioned, into war over which church you should attend.  Why should so many people have to die in WWII just to de-rail Hitler?  Sure there were assassination attempts, but none succeeded.  They gave up.  All the Germans did. Give in to the Nazis or die. Not much of a choice.  And Japan?  We knew of their atrocities against the Chinese prior to WWII, and did nothing.

soldiersI believe we could put an end to war if we just put out the word that assassination was back on the board.  Elite special forces would be trained in all the latest in assassination products and protocol.  But the world would be in anarchy, you say.  But would it?  Would the world have been a better place without Stalin, or Hitler, or Putin, or  Kim Jong Un?  If it came to it and there was war in Korea, how many would die?  How many are dying now because of him?  What prevents us from creating a special international group of assassins.  Something people would have to volunteer for, and I’m guessing there are plenty of volunteers to be found.

I really don’t condone violence and I would easily settle for some sort of international group of kidnappers.  We’d kidnap the crazies.  By “we” I mean the sane part of the world.  Sort of a branch of the UN.  We could kidnap the loons, and put them on trial for the crimes they are committing.  What to do with them afterward I guess is up to this special group, or perhaps it could have an international vote.(Wikipedia)

Most of us can get along just fine.  Gay, straight.  Black, White, Brown, Red, Green or Blue with red stripes. Inked or not.  Muslim, Christian, Jew.  Most of us don’t care which church you chose to attend, as long as you don’t demand I join it, and I won’t discuss Atheism with you.  All anyone wants is to be treated with kindness and respect.  Treat me kindly and I will do the same.

If the world must be protected by armies from the lunatics in charge.  Let’s do it with the least amount of blood spilled.

10 thoughts on “A Question of Morality

  1. I sometimes think that there are such men that are assigned to try and take out the zealot leaders of war… only we’re not aware of it… and many times they just can’t get to that ‘leader’ because they ‘hide’ and let all the blind followers do the deeds and take the consequences… Diane

    1. Of course, they surround themselves with all sorts of guard, thugs and sycophants. I just figure if we could do this instead of all-out war fewer innocents would lose their lives. There would be little destruction, and people would not continue to starve when the war ended.

  2. One of the reasons you don’t bomb a capitol is so someone is left to surrender. There is a tendency in our individualistic society to view dictators as somehow all powerful and those that follow them as only driven by the dictator. I think for the most part though that dictators rule by consent as much as democracies, albeit in a different form.

    Also, power vacuums and civil wars hardly end well either. I would argue maybe just plain “not killing” is a better answer.

  3. I am not a total pacifist, but I more feel that unless it is a case were you need to kill the dictator and all his supporters and it DOESN’T matter who dies collateral because the bad guy is that bad… you probably didn’t NEED to kill anyone.

    In feudalism, serfs took the lower status so knights would fight and protect them & the idea was nobles killed each other and left serfs alone.

    Most the time it seems the democratic “peasant” states are willing to have soldiers murder each other all day, but the second a peasant is killed it’s a “war crime.” The soldiers life is no less valuable cause he’s got a gun, and someone made the gun, stitched the uniform, etc. shouldn’t they be libel unto judgement as well?

    I feel that’s why nukes led to peace, they stopped the idea soldiers would go play war and entailed your country might have to be responsible.

    That’s a scary thought, especially for Evange-tards that ignore our religion is Pacifist in nature and they are not immune from judgement.

  4. I absolutely loved your thoughts! Exactly right. There was a movie maybe 40 years ago where a representative from one country was pitted against the other on an island. Perhaps that what we should do: put these dumb “leaders” on that island. 🙂

  5. Hear! Hear! I agree with so much of what you say here. I have faith that most people on the planet really want to be left alone to work, to raise their families, to worship or not, to love whomever, and when the work is done to go have fun without fear.

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