I’ve been trying to work on my novel, but I was interrupted by Son starting an online business and I’ve spent the last

cats claw
cats claw

couple weeks setting up a website for him.  In just two months he has gone from one or two sales a day, to up to 20!  He is doing it through Facebook, though which was causing a lot of issues.  He spends hours explaining what he does and how and what a tincture is.  Many of his ‘friends’ have had some tough breaks, and many are trying to get off legal and illegal drugs.  He has sent some people with particularly honest-sounding stories free bottles of his products.  Unfortunately, there will always the people who give you a sob story every day, and of course, he can’t send free bottles to everyone who feels they might be worthy.  They only cost $20, but many of his followers are disabled and really have to stretch their income.

yellow passionflower
yellow passion flower

He has run into issues with some people who give him a sob story that didn’t ring true so they did not receive any freebies they were seeking.  Unfortunately more than one of these has then gone on to try to sabotage his business, causing his FB page to be closed for various periods of time.  Those people make him so angry, since they are being childish, and destructive to what he hopes will be a lucrative business.  That’s when I told him he absolutely needs a webpage.  And now it’s almost all done.  Just review and some editing.

He feels good to be so productive and proud of what he is doing.  He is good and chemistry and botany and is very knowledgeable about the herbs he uses in his tincture.  He has to be so careful about what he says about how to take the tincture, and how to tincture bottleword things on his website, because herbs are not regulated (for the most part) by the FDA.  He has to be very careful to not make any claims for cures or even indicate what the herbs uses are or their effect on a person.  That’s been the toughest thing to do.  So much information is already out there on how lavender and chamomile acts on the body, and has been pretty well tested and documented.  However, there are many herbs labeled “considered to be safe” but I don’t think it’s the FDA that puts that label on them.  Obviously, we need to do more research, but I enjoy that and don’t mind helping S with it.

fda logoAll these precautions are so ridiculous though, since the FDA has no problem with tobacco companies making “vapor cigarettes” (which they are finding have very high metal concentrates), not to mention, they still allow the production and sale of cigarettes when it is so well-documented that they are harmful.  So it’s regulations regarding herbs seems a bit of twisted logic.  Especially since most herbs have a well-documented (if unverified) history often spanning eons.

For now, though, I think I can go back to working on my novel and play catch-up with all of you wonderful people!  I look forward to checking in on all of you!

10 thoughts on “Busy

    1. Likewise. Husband and I started watching “Hell on Wheels” on Netflix. It’s very much a western, but has the strongest women characters. I love it. They are portrayed honestly, and surely the women in the American West had to be tough to survive. The same in every culture I suppose. It’s in our blood to be tough and resilient.

  1. You were so right that he needed a webpage. Facebook can bring out the worst in people, and a website will allow him much more control over what is displayed. Building a web page is work, and it’s great that you have the skills to be able to help him out. I hope the business does even better now.

    1. I’m hoping that he’ll find someone else to do his computer work. I like being retired and really don’t want to go back to work, especially to the type of work I used to do.

  2. I’m not sure what tincture is but I’m gathering that it has to do with helping with addiction? Anyway, I hope it goes well for him … and you can continue with your novel… Diane

  3. Best of luck to Son and you’re a good parent helping out! Since you mentioned “FDA”, I just feel there’s limited use to them, like the UN. Have you noticed who is advertising a lot on TV? Attorneys. The attorneys seeking you to contact them about drug or surgical aftereffects.. Overall, I feel its a huge scam with us paying for it in higher costs…

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