Gonna Have a Bonfire!

piles_of_paperworkI just sent the last documents to the realtor to get the house sold.  She said she needed the information by the 22nd or the deal would fall through.  I’m assuming that it means it will definitely go through as long as she’s got it. I had to scan and email my entire 2014 taxes, because the taxes we filed were done electronically and so don’t have an actual signature, which the bank requires.  So I had to take and scan all 35 pages of last year’s taxes as separate documents and had to email them in sets of 5, 7 emails of 5 docs each, since I couldn’t send all of them at once.  It took me more than two hours to finally get it all done.

I am so ready to be done with this house!  I will never buy another house as long as I live!  It’s easier to buy one than sell it these days. The cool part is the bank is no longer sending me requests, but sending everything through the realtor.    Poor thing, she’s bore the brunt of my frustration at the numerous requests from the bank for the same info over and over and over and over and…one more time.  They have sent us the same letters via regular mail (for some reason, three at a time) as well as making me go to the post office three times a week to sign for letters I already received.  And all the paperwork still mentions how the bank is happy to help me work on modifying my mortgage, despite the fact that all the ‘new’ paperwork the past year has been regarding the sale of the house.

fireI must’ve sent the bank an entire ream of paper in taxes and bank statements over the last three years.  And in turn I must’ve received three times that from the bank in letters I didn’t read,in duplicate and triplicate.  Add that to the ream I have from the initial purchase of the house, and I feel responsible for at least a few trees.  When the house is finally no longer mine we’re going to burn all the paperwork in the firepit!  Man I would love it to be tonight!

CRAP.  Realtor just called, she’s missing some paperwork.  It’s usually not clear what, but i checked my email and see where she said she received only 11 pages of the 35.  I checked my sent emails and see all of them went through on this end and told her to check her email for the other 5 emails.  It would help if the realtor was a little less freaked out by technology.  Cross your fingers she finds she has all she needs.  I’d just send the emails again, but she’s certain to end up with duplicates of some pages and missing others.  I know the end is near, but I have my doubts.  Christ, will this ever end?

7 thoughts on “Gonna Have a Bonfire!

  1. Argh! I feel for you. My bank has lost so much paperwork over the last months it is beyond belief. I am trying to sell half of the farm and not only did the bank lose the certificate of title (now found) they have now lost my enduring power of attorney doc. Sending you empathy!

  2. I can relate completely! I am buying, but am in good communication with the seller of the house I’m trying to buy, and the seller is just as frustrated and anxious as I am. One would think that when both a buyer and a seller are motivated and cooperative, it would go smoothly, but the banks and particularly the underwriters make it a horrendous transaction.

    The advent of technology has made my process a hundred times easier than past purchases, but there is no way that technology seems to be able to encourage the underwriters to streamline and simplify the process. And my biggest question in all of this: why can’t the bank/underwriter review the whole entire file and give me a list on day one that itemizes everything they need for it to complete? Instead, I am asked for one thing, I provide it, a new review date is scheduled. The underwriter says “Ok, thanks for sending that one thing, but I can’t approve unless there is one more thing.” So I provide it, a new review date is scheduled, and the underwriter discovers one more thing that is needed. Arrrgghhh!

    Anyway! In July, you and I will BOTH celebrate! Right?! Of course all my digits are crossed and much much positive energy is flowing your way.

    1. In my case, if the bank rejects the current offer, they will assuredly ask for all the paperwork to be updated to consider another offer. What they don’t know is I won’t work with them any more. There is no incentive for me to continue to work with them, and would be a lot less paperwork if they just foreclosed! My main reason for the short sale is to help my neighbor make a buck.

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