Making Slow Progress

Spent most of the day going over Son’s meds, writing down the dosage, which doctors prescribed them and which do what.  Another part of the day was spent combing through GP’s who are accepting Medi-cal patients.  So far it’s a bust– it’s like being rejected when they say they won’t take you on.  You can only take so much of that in a day.  But after all was said and one, I got Son set up with the Rheumatologist, the Psychologist and the Psychiatrist.

It’s hard with Son being on these strong drugs with nasty side effects.  You can’t tell if the slurred speech and confusion is because of the meds or because Son took something in addition.  I have no proof Son is lying when he says he is taking nothing but the prescribed stuff, but Husband doesn’t believe it at all.  Every time Son falls asleep or slurs his words, Husband confronts and accuses him.  I don’t know if that is right or wrong, but I dislike that approach.  But I’m afraid Husband is right, and Son has added something herbal to his regimen.  He doesn’t have the same symptoms from one day to the next, and he was doing much better last week!

How am I supposed to keep him sober while I do all this stuff.  And I do it because no one else will.  How much effort should I put in?  Shouldn’t I do everything I can?  Or is this too much?  I only know it’s wearing on me this week.  I need to set up a couple of doctor appointments for myself that I just haven’t had the time to take care of that.  It’s amazing how tired you can get just slogging through crap like this.



8 thoughts on “Making Slow Progress

  1. It is so much for you I know! The fatigue factor of your MS must be taking it’s toll. The fact that your son has such a history that you can’t fully trust or know that he’s not using something else is hard. He has to know that if he adds something to his meds, it can have bad effects… I hope he is at the point of really wanting to feel better and have more control in his life.

    As a mother I can only say that I would also be doing anything that I could to help … as long as he remains wanting to get better and does not get abusive…Family is the place where we hope there is always somewhere… someone who loves us unconditionally… You and your husband have been very patient and loving… But take care of yourself too! Diane

    1. Trying very hard not to let it all get to me. I find myself quite easily frustrated and angry lately. A sure sign I’m a bit overwhelmed. People like you supporting me helps so much.

  2. I think you are amazing! I haven’t been blogging (reading or writing much) lately but saw this and felt a smidgen of your despair and exhaustion. You are a wonderful mother. With my own son I am only dealing with his enormous loss of confidence following breakup with first girlfriend but even that has been months! Sending you a hug because I don’t have any words of wisdom. I think you are such a strong person!

  3. You are asking the right questions. Remember how important you are to your family. Without you, so much of this would fall apart. You need to stay strong in body and mind, so yes, do not neglect your own health. If it comes right down to it, you are allowed to choose yourself over Son sometimes, ok? Hugs

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