There are numerous websites that will help you prepare and disseminate a petition.  For better or worse, I picked the government run site, We The People.  I figure it might be safe.

Now, how to find a chunk of time to prepare and post it.  Today I:

  • walked the dogs
  • swept and mopped the kitchen and living room.
  • took Son to dr appt
  • took a nap, or tried to, I kept getting phone calls re my son.
  • did the dishes
  • cooked dinner
  • did the dishes
  • took dogs for a walk

Husband wants me to sit in the living room with him, but I wanted to get something accomplished today, but I guess I won’t.  Oh, I did accomplish something, I fired the therapist.  In a medication+? induced fog Son called her twice to change the time from this afternoon to tomorrow morning, then called to change to tomorrow afternoon.  I finally called her yesterday, and got everything straight.  We would be there on Saturday at 4:15.  She woke me from my nap.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  Hello

Doc: Who is this?  We had an appointment today at 1.

Me:  No, we changed it to Saturday…

Doc:  I specifically said I was coming in just for this appointment.

Me:  That’s unfortunate.  I’m sorry, but last we talked we confirmed Saturday at 5.

Doc:  No, no we didn’t.  Well I ‘m hardly surprised you’re confused.  All the phone calls.  Impossible to keep track.

Me:  Yes, I know yesterday was…

Doc:  So it was today, but what ever.  I guess I can do it Saturday. Ridiculous.  yada yada.

Me:  Fine tomorrow.  5PM

I already knew she was a ditz, but the fact that she can’t handle the inconvenience of a screwed up appointment makes me realize this woman is not going to work.  Meanwhile she is muttering and her tone is very snide and nasty.  She’s whiney, accusatory, and unprofessional.

Doc:    Mutter mutter, fine tomorrow, mutter, ridiculous, can’t even, mutter, inconvenience…

and just before she hung up on me

Me:  No.  You know what, No, we will not be there tomorrow.   I’ll find someone else.

And I went back to my nap.  (For 20 minutes, until the next phone call and I gave up.)

Now I have to find someone else.




5 thoughts on “Petition

  1. ha ha, I like that…… there’s always a little humor in the truth. I’m new at this; just started my own blog yesterday; whew, boy, I don’t usually cuss but I came close trying to get it the way I wanted but hey, I’m enjoying yours so I’m gonna follow along awhile.

  2. You did the right thing! She’s got her mind made up about you two already and it won’t help when it’s time to have compassionate empathy for your son. Anyone who can’t handle a schedule mix-up graciously should NOT be in charge of guiding mentally distressed people. Good grief.

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