I can’t understand the hatred in my country.  How could the Electoral College do this to us? How can anyone think that a misogynistic racist ego maniac and suspected pedophile is a proper choice for President?  A man who is backed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party?

I am afraid for the future of my country for the first time.  I spent yesterday in mourning. Crying most of the day just contemplating what will happen in the next few years.  Even should Trump end up in prison for one of his many crimes, we’d be stuck with Pence!  How can the VP Elect believe in the supposed value of conversion therapy?

Hillary might have been a one-term president, but she would never cut welfare programs as The Donald has suggested.   Dismantle Social Security, Medicare, and what ever other “social” programs they can possibly cut.  I’m really afraid I will lose the only source of income I have; Disability.  I barely make ends meet as it is.

And a “humane deportation department”?  Once he deports all Hispanics, who will work on the farms?  You think the old steel worker from Ohio is going to go pick lettuce?  After they send away Muslims, who’s next?  Jews?  Catholics?  Irish?  I’ve seen things on social media implying Trump followers would like to repeal the 13th Amendment!

I’m afraid of what is to come.

6 thoughts on “RIP USA

    1. I’m really afraid of what is to come. Especially since the Republicans now have the majority in Congress as well. Nothing good will come of this for the majority of people in this country.

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