As many intelligent people, I have been scared shitless that the idiot commonly known as Trump would actually win the election.  Now that it has come to pass I’m even more terrified.  Just watching the people he is putting into key positions, and heading every major department.  I’m fucking horrified.  Every day is worse!

Supreme Court Nominee

National Security Advisor

Attorney General


Here is what you can do that might make you feel a tiny bit better.

Call the House Oversight Committee :  Call to demand that Donald Trumps financials be released and investigate any conflicts of interest.  We must make this call NOW!  We only have a few days left to make an impact.


Or if you prefer, donate to one of these charities in the name of your favorite asshole. They will receive a thank-you letter for each donation.

Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQ rights)

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

American Civil Liberties Union

Protect the Environment

Anti-Bullying (which will need more support as adults and children learn to bully by watching our “President”.

I am scared and angry and worried for the future.  I’ve started a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LSJRevolution/ where I will post on ways to help ensure the safety and well being of the citizens of the US.  I hope to put up information on when, where and how to protest.  Join me in fighting against Trump, his growing circle of incompetents, his followers, and other haters.  Please!

13 thoughts on “Warning!

  1. Good for you. Like you the ones he’s already nominated have ‘skeletons in their closets) even though they’ve been diminished as not being true or being exaggerated etc etc. I can’t see him lasting the 4 years without something that will impeach him. My husband and I continue to shake our heads in disbelief! Diane

  2. There is so much about him that disturbs me…and so much about the American people that disturbs me, because they don’t seem to care. They say, “Oh, I don’t really think he means it,” or “I don’t really like what he says, but I had to vote for him because of his stance on coal,” or whatever ridiculous thing. I have diminished people in the past for making a big deal out of people’s personalities in elections, when I thought the policy was the critical thing. But now I stand corrected. Trump’s characteristics are so heinous I can barely even get as far as his politics. What a detestable excuse for human being. I hate the sight of him, and I have to see it every friggin day.

    1. ‘Human being’? I’m not sure. I have tried lately to not insult him. I don’t want to be like the trolls who just want to make people angry and shout insults. Not productive. At best nothing will change over the next 4 years. At worst, though, could be nuclear war. And Trump people don’t get it.

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