I haven’t blogged for several days.  Mostly because I’m still in shock over our new president (it makes me cringe), and seeking others who are not going to “give him a chance.”  With the cabinet choices he has made, he doesn’t deserve a chance.  I will undoubtedly produce more blogs about it.  But today I’ll update you on Son.

It’s been more than a month, and son has been doing much better.  He’s seeing a psychiatrist who put him on Depakote and Seraquel.  But his last visit, she had him drop the Depakote.  Which is a relief since it has the nastier side effects.  In just the short time he took that, he must’ve lost nearly 1/3 of his hair!  It’s already looking better.

I do worry right now.  Holidays are always a difficult time.  Son is trying to revive his business and working harder than I’d like, but money is tight, and every dime he earns is a dime I don’t have to give him.  Son puts a lot of pressure on himself to succeed with this business.  He’s cut back on the number of products, and the number of hours he spends on FB talking about herbs.  He constantly complains about how he can afford to get gifts for his son.

I am worried, because his tinctures are made with alcohol, so there’s usually rum or vodka around, and I know he at least takes a little drink now and then.  I’ve smelled it on his breath.  Do I confront him about that?  Do I go through his room and make sure he isn’t hiding anything?  Should I just let it go and see if things go bad?  Wish I knew that answer.

Unfortunately, the petition site I was working on was started by Obama, and I doubt Trump will keep it up. (After all, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.)  So my energy lately has been devoted to finding ways to combat Trump and his Posse of Deplorables.

Thanks for sticking with me.



13 thoughts on “Busy

  1. I’m glad your son is doing better.. Maybe if you’re a bit concerned instead of a face to face confrontation.. you might write him a letter just to voice how you know that it’s hard .. but he can make it… and it will be so much better for his son if he sticks with the treatment program.. and how proud you are that he’s been able to come this far… Just a suggestion.. Take care LInda ….. Diane

      1. No not weird at all! That’s how most people feel when it comes to making a decision like that. I will say though that it is so helpful when you go because you realize that you are not alone in your situation. Just the conversation can help you with your struggle and give you strength.

  2. I went to AlAnon for years, and found it a great comfort. Alchoholics in my life gave me a really hard time about it, sneering “Oh, did you have fun at your meeting? Everyone sitting around bashing alcoholics?” It was very hurtful, even more so because it was so far from the truth. Alcoholics tend to believe it’s all about them – even a meeting for non-Alcoholics. But in reality, we almost never even brought up the alcoholics in our lives, except only vaguely, to help tell our own story. Because the meeting is for people who live with or love alcoholics, and that causes us to behave in certain ways that are destructive. It was only AlAnon that helped me see when I was actually making things worse for myself and the alcoholic, and gave me some tips on how to stop enabling them. If you do go, it may help. I don’t know if the culture of all meetings is the same. Honestly if it we had spent any time saying bad things about alcoholics, I probably would have left.

    1. Nicely said. I’ve only attended a few such meetings and didn’t find them helpful for me personally. My therapist says it’s because I haven’t found the right one. So, yes, I believe there are many different ‘styles’ of meetings.

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