The Dump Years

That’s how I have begun to define the next four years.  The Dump Years, when the US turned to shit.  My only hope is all that shit will somehow fertilize things.  Maybe after the debris settles and the Muslim Americans have been released, and the illegal immigrants are put on a path to legality, we will have a better America.

The shocking thing to me is how singularly idiotic the Trump supporters are.  How clueless.  Do the folks in the Red States really believe he will bring better employment opportunities?  The only way that will happen is if they try to put a pipeline through Ohio and Pennsylvania. There will be jobs, but the land and water will be poisoned.  How can they not see that? Surely, some Trumpsters must be intelligent?  Some must have a college education, or are well read?  Hopefully some recognize the serious error of buying into Trump’s rhetoric.  I hope some of those who voted for him are having second thoughts.

The majority of Trumpsters seem fueled by hatred: of Muslims, immigrants, any non-whites.  They hate our government, our laws, our Constitution.  These otherwise probably normal and pleasant people are easy prey for a guy like Trump who spouts lies as easily as he combs his hair.  No.  Lying surely comes easier to him.  I doubt he even combs his hair, but has someone do it for him every day for $1000 an hour.

His cabinet nominees grows more awful by the day. Here is his latest list as posted by The New York Times (updated Dec. 5, 2016).   Most of these positions require Senate confirmation, but with a Republican dominated Senate, I don’t see a lot of opposition.  I most afraid of the three that do not require Senate confirmation:

6 thoughts on “The Dump Years

  1. Every day it’s a guessing game as to what he will blunder next… It will be so interesting on the 15th when he lays out his financial plan so as to not have conflict of interest.. but it will be ‘his’ plan not probably anything near what is called for… Diane

    1. Everything about his impending presidency is frightening. As soon as he named Steve Bannon I’ve been working with groups to undermine the hate groups, anti-poor, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and do what we can to preserve the US from his tyranny.

  2. The only good news is Trump has gone so far to the EXTREME RIGHT that he’s putting the Republican party’s head in the noose. He’s a joke, a punchline, that will haunt the Republican party for years. The last dying gasp of old white male domination. Buh-bye.

  3. This list just makes me want to cry. How is this possible? I was thinking the other day about how I listen to world news, and there is always some crazy dictator or mentally unbalanced freakazoid leader of some country. And I think that is dreadful, and “poor country,” and “I hope it all works itself out in the end.” With a shock, I realized, there is some woman in Libya or Yugoslavia or Sudan listening to the news of the US thinking, “how dreadful. I hope it all works out one day.” I never thought that country would be the United States.

    1. Right. The problem is Trump supporters cannot understand WHY he is not fit. Those who did not vote for Trump are not whining about losing. We are screaming that the man is not fit to be a member of a small town Council, let alone President. They will never understand, and that’s why we are stuck with this bozo. I never wanted to turn 60 so bad! (I’ll be 60 in 4 years.)

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