I’ve Been Thinking

I met with a number of anti-Trump people last week.  So nice to meet everyone and discuss rationally how we can work together toward a common goal.  We talked about phone calls, email and letters to our local Democratic reps.  One woman mentioned maybe we should call and write to the Opposition.  I thought it was a great idea. One way to change something is by force, which we are attempting by large protests.  We put enough pressure on our ‘own’ reps and they in turn put pressure on Congress.  That was the strategy in the ’60s and it worked then, but took a long time.

But we don’t really need to convince the convinced, do we?  Why are protesters not confronting the Opposition.  That is who we must convince.  Now.  I’m assuming this is the harder course, since it would involve far more diplomatic skill than most of us have, and we see just how long that might take.  But we need to invest that time and effort to convince our elected representatives on both sides that ALL of America is not fine with the new administration our elected representatives put into office.

My husband had the idea that we might petition the Supreme Court to intervene in their capacity as the holders of the Constitution.  Do they have that kind of power?  Can they arrest Dump?  Can they charge him with crimes against the Constitution and the US?   I did find the short answer which was essentially yes, but it would be difficult and messy. If anyone has information on whether this can be, or should be, done, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking

  1. Yes, great questions here. We wrote our postcards to democrats and a few moderate republicans. Thinking about writing to more republicans next, but feel we need to be more calculating in our approach. We thought perhaps appealing to their belief in democracy, and issues surrounding Russia and conflicts of interest, rather than moral (civil rights, human life) or partisan (ACA, regulation) issues. If they even read them…same thing for calls…Thoughts?

    1. I agree. Focusing on democracy, etc. would help push the agenda better than a letter berating them for civil rights violations. And here’s a question: Is there any reason why I can’t write/call ALL of the senators, etc? Will it matter to them if I am not a part of their constituency?

      1. Well I do think they are motivated by re election so may not be as responsive, if responsive at all, and often they say to write to your own senators/rep. But they do tally calls received and the issues for all members of congress. I live in MA which is very blue…so feel like preaching to choir sometimes but my thoughts are that these times are unique and if enough of us write and call EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, they will hear our voices. Plus they do serve all of us since they are members of congress. What I am doing in pretty much this order for time purposes:
        1. Call my state reps/senators daily
        2. Call chuck schumer since he’s minority dem leader as often as permitted
        3. Support MA bills to protect sanctuary cities, access to contraception, privacy, and oppose surveillance/registry/deportation/militarization of police. I got this info from MA-ACLU site…check out your states if you want to see what legislators are doing.
        4. Write to dems
        5. Write to moderate republicans
        6. Write to republicans (i wrote to Mitch McConnell regarding democracy, fighting autocracy, and Putin). Who the hell knows if he cares.

        It is time consuming but at least I feel like I have some kind of plan…

      2. I’m starting to form a plan of my own, very similar to your list. Time consuming, and energy sucking, I know. But I feel good knowing I am part of something big, and important. Historic even. Keep up the good work!

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