Why Are the Follow Buttons not Working?

I’m trying to follow some people, and others I am trying to unfollow.  Especially since one I want to unfollow fills my reader with his many posts.  But my Following buttons do not toggle to Un-following when I click on them.  Answers anyone?  Wordpress?

8 thoughts on “Why Are the Follow Buttons not Working?

  1. To unfollow you need to go to your Admin page and click on Blogs I follow… link will take you to the place you need. Then click on “Manage’ and edit as you select the ones you want to change… to ‘never’ or whatever you want. .. Diane

    1. Thanks for the help, but that’s what I already tried. I was finally able to unfollow and block this poster by clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom of the post. There is a follow option that is working.

      1. That’s weird. I used it. Where it says following if you click on that it turns the following ‘off’ I went and had a look at exactly what I did… and that’s how I did it.. ?? Diane

      2. For some reason that didn’t work. Someone else said I should try the ellipsis at the bottom of each post in the reader. The option to unfollow works fine there. Go figure, I’ve always done it the other way and worked fine until I got some pro-trump poster filling up my reader. All is well now. Thanks for following up.

    1. Thanks, I was able to delete this poster, but I don’t know how he got on to my Reader in the first place. I don’t recognize the name, and the posts are all pro-Trump. At least now I’ve stopped the flood (I hope) and blocked the guy to boot.

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