That’s About all I can Take

I’ve been limiting my time on FB, WP, and various news sites to about 2 hours a day.  Even that’s too long.  I am so frustrated and fried.  There’s just so much wrong with our new administration (I will not call him “President.”  Ever.) it’s nearly impossible to keep up.  It feels like we’re pissing on a grass fire.  We’re the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke.  We’re scattered and self-absorbed.

And we know the risks of being complacent.  That’s what got the US here in the first place.  Too much of the same old same old.  Too great a distance between the haves and the Have Nones.

I know we need to work on the GOP, not the Democrats on Dump.  The Dems are already appalled and frightened, and scrambling to do something, anything, to stop the flood of stupidity and immorality being spewed from the mouth of our (EC-) elected POS.  So, I keep asking myself, how do we do this?  How do you convert a Christian to Islam?  Can you rehabilitate a KKK member?  I know these things have been done.  Maybe not often, but it is not unheard of.  But what I can’t figure out is the “how” of it.

I’ve joined the Indivisible movement.  I’m also involved with the Resist movement.  Just two of probably thousands of little pockets of resistance.   We all have the same goal: impeachment.  Easy fix: take Dump out.  Sniper style.  But I don’t want anyone going to prison.  And really, it’s not a complete answer, because of, well, you know.  Pence.  And Bannon, Priebus, Ryan and McConnell, to name the most egregious members of our political heads.

I ponder these problems every night and wake up wondering what new horror Dump and his crew have devised.  I sign the petitions going around.  I’m writing to my reps.  I can see the Resistance is growing, but how long can we sustain it?  We all know about burn out.  I’ve only been moderately active and I need a script for Xanax, just to keep me from biting the heads off the people near me.

Am I just impatient?  Just hoping for a quick fix?  I know that quick is not how things change.  Just like dieting.  You want to lose 30 pounds so you join Jenny Craig or some such.  Spend your money and buy their food.  After you lose the 30 pounds and feel great, you go back to eating just the way you did before.  Soon you need to lose 40 pounds.

You have to change your way of thinking to become successful in controlling your weight. We must change people’s thinking, and that, my friends, will take a very long time.  Do we have the stamina?  The anti-Trump faction seems much larger than the pro side.  It would seem, then, that we have the numbers to sustain a movement.  Our leadership is increasing: a few Senators and Congressmen are growing balls.  Robert Reich is a leader, and Elizabeth Warren as well.  Bernie Sanders is still relevant.

I’m committed for the long-haul, provided I don’t burn out.  Join me?

Here are some links for additional information on the movements and how they will accomplish their goals.

Can we sustain the anti-Trump movement?

Emily’s List

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6 thoughts on “That’s About all I can Take

  1. I wish you well my friend. Like you, believe it or not I cannot stand the stupidity of how he got in power….. and each day something new. I hate injustice and it just goes on and on through his twitter account. That’s what feeds his followers. They don’t listen to the news or believe it, if they do. They just believe ‘him’. Maybe someone should hack his twitter account lol Take care and don’t do so much that you need extra Xanax… Diane

    1. It is hard to put aside the anger and injustice of his election. Even worse are the people he’s chosen for his cabinet and key positions! No way should a KKK member ever be involved in running our government! It’s hard, though, to stay away from it. I try to limit myself. Now I think I’ll drop it to a few hours a week, instead of a few each day. Can’t accomplish much if I drive myself crazy over this.

      Keep well, my friend. I look forward to more stories about your downsizing. It’s not easy. My folks moved after being in the same house over 30 years!

  2. This entire administration is pure insanity. I do think we have to pace ourselves for the long haul. I was overly motivated and then I hit a wall. I’m trying to keep up and be action-oriented while maintaining some semblance of emotional stability. I agree it’s hard to put aside anger. My mom is visiting tomorrow and while she didn’t support Trump, she was one who refused to vote for Hillary — that angers me and I want to see these so-called Hillary-haters pushing for the removal of this pathetic alternative. I’m gearing up for her visit and doing my best to listen first and then push her to action. I can’t fathom people who are okay with this administration. The whole thing sickens me.

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