Peaceful Protest

OK, people, looks like we are in it for the long haul, so we might as well learn how to protest.  Teachers, dust off those old Civil Rights films and show them TODAY.  We must not let anger get the upper hand.  Meet anger with passivity.  Shouts with whispers.

This needs to be done and done now.  We cannot let the new administration permit states from pushing through legislation restricting protests.  North Dakota is trying to justify murder of protesters in the streets.

Peaceful Protest.  We must teach people passive resistance.  Data gathered by Political scientist Erica Chenoweth, was presented in a TED talk in 2013.  Her studies have shown that non-violent protests are far more effective than violent ones.  You can find it easily on Youtube.

We need to keep our protests non-violent and non-confrontational.  The Trumpsters are so rabid, it takes nothing to set them on a tirade.  Don’t give them cause.  Don’t yell at the Trumpsters.  It does no good.  Whisper, and they have to lean in and actually listen.  Like the man said, “Talk softly, but carry a big stick.”  The Truth is our ‘stick’.  Let’s make it work for us.

I believe the press should ignore all so-called ‘press conferences’ of the new dictatorship.  All they get is a new lie and derision.  There is no information actually provided.  Take this morning’s sudden presser.  Ridiculous is too mild a word.  I appreciate the fact they are sticking with it, but we could be far more effective in our war against the dictatorship if we did not give it notice.  It’s pretty hard to be a dictator if no one is afraid of you, or cares what you may say or threaten to do.  And Captain Asshat won’t even know, since, if he can read, he certainly doesn’t read the news.  Since it’s all fake anyway.  Speaking of ‘fake news’ and legitimate press printing ‘lies’ about the new administration, why did Mike Flynn get canned over a news story?  Aren’t they all lies?






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