I’m spending 2 out of 5 days unable to get out of bed because of depression from watching D. Trump destroy our country.

I blame those who voted for him.

I blame the Electoral Collage, which should have saved us from this fate!

I blame the GOP for goading him on.

I blame Congress for allowing the chaos to overwhelm the WH.

I blame Trump’s father.  He must’ve been some kind of monster to have destroyed DT’s mind and stunted him at about age 5. I think his short attention span, his ability to rationalize, his lack of empathy, his need to bully, his “mine, mine, me, me” attitude, and his vocabulary all put him at about 5 years old.

Why is a 5 year old running (ruining) my country?

Washington: FIX THIS! I can feel the revolution bubbling now.

4 thoughts on “Ack!

  1. It’s so easy to know what’s going on (wrong) and affect us… I really understand that … Me thinks you need to put a little ‘fun’ in your life… or a change of scenery … or doing something that gives you pleasure…. (even if you don’t feel like it) ! That’s my prescription for you lady! lol Diane

  2. I am right here with you. Honestly, I have to disengage a bit from news when I get this down. On one hand it feels awful but I have to stick my head in the sand. Sad but true. Then I have to trust that I’ll get back up again, stronger, and with clarity about where to best channel my efforts. You do such good work. Please rest because you’re so needed, friend.

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