I Hate the Media

All of the media, from CNN to commercials.  The commercials I hate most are the ones that run in loops on screens in the grocery store and at the gas station.  We are bombarded constantly by ads telling us our teeth are yellow, our hair is gray and that we are fat.  These are portrayed as negatives and we don’t want to have yellow teeth, so we buy the latest product.  We don’t want to look old, so we buy hair coloring.  We don’t want to carry around that extra weight, so we’ll buy into the pill that allows you to lose weight eating whatever you want, without that bothersome exercise.

I think advertising is fine, but we have to be conscious of the tricks the advertiser play.  They way they make  us feel inferior for not owning a Mercedes, or not buying a Cadillac for your wife for Christmas.  Ads play to our basest desires: to have what the Joneses have.  To have more than the Smiths.  Just to have more or better or bigger.

I don’t understand this.  I mean I understand how marketing works.  It works amazingly well as our retail outlets can attest.  But what about the rough times.  When money is tight do the adverts about buying a car as a Christmas gift make you feel somehow a failure?  That’s what its supposed to do!  They use sex to sell everything from linens to  sugarless gum, and we buy into it.

Buy this expensive car- you will be successful

Buy your wife diamonds-she’ll love you forever

Buy this toy for your kid-he’ll play with it for 5 minutes

Why do we buy into the hype and the garbage?

I had a discussion once with a friend about how I didn’t feel influenced by ads.  She disagreed, she insisted there was no way I wasn’t influenced by at least some advertisements.  I told her the biggest influence over my buying practices was price.  I might try a new product if it were cheaper than my usual brand, but I’m likely to try the other product only once.  So do ads keep me going to the same preferred products?  No, I buy them because they are a reasonable price and do the job I need them for.

What about you, are you influenced by advertisements?  Will you buy something just because you saw an ad for it?  You have a great phone you bought two years ago.  You know everything about it, and can use every feature.  It’s completely paid for.  Then they come out with a new phone, it has better picture quality and a 30 second video capability, and it does everything you need a phone to do.  It costs $500.  Do you buy it?  What if it was only $100? CNN

CNN was the first 24 hour news source.  They spoon fed us the Gulf War in the 90s and we fell in love.  News all day long.  Except it’s all the same news all day long.  They just repeat it every hour.  Sure they have all the talking heads with their own shows.  All worthless.  Before CNN we were able to make a decision or understand a concept without having to listen to a bunch of so-called experts.  Do we really need experts to tell us how to solve the problem in the Middle East?  We are intelligent, thinking people (at least most of us are), why do we need experts to tell us how to think?  There has been fighting every few years since the state of Israel was created.  What is to understand the hate of that place.  No arguments I have heard on the subject have ever convinced me of a reason to go to war, and yet we listen to experts.  We let the experts tell us how the world operates, while it’s really only one person’s (educated) opinion, nothing more.

The bottom line is there has always been fighting in that part of the world, and until  people stop explaining all the intricate ins and outs and realize the truth:  Israel and Palestine will never be friends until they have two generations of peace.  We could use the media to create peace, just as they sell a car.  We’ll pay $500 for the latest cell phone, why can’t we bombard people with messages of peace.  Especially in the Mid East.  Why not use television screens for something positive?