I’m Getting Angry, Then Sad

I am angry, sad, confused, and just plain put out.  Common sense has disappeared from Congress.  Our protests gain a lot of press time and piss off Dump and Pres. Bannon, and yet, they seem to be ineffectual.  How do you keep up the heat?  I have only been actively involved a short time, and yet I already feel utterly defeated.

Here is a link to an article about how senators have voted on each Dump cabinet pick.  This list did not make me happy.


Sure, we should hang in there, wait until 2018 with the mid-term votes.  But both my reps seem to vote (mostly) how I want.  But I can’t vote for other states’ reps.  I can’t make the people in Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, etc. see it my way.

We can keep up the heat on declaring Dump incompetent due to mental illness, but we’re still stuck with all the other swamp creatures!  How do we clean up that mess?

Yes, I know, one step at a time.  But patience and persistence are not going to be enough.  I can’t sit here and hope the people in Blue States start calling their senators.

I feel like Dorothy, caught in a black & white tornado, and suddenly dumped (pun intended) in the middle of a bright orange swamp!



The USA is turning Orwellian, 1984 was a warning

I can’t believe I’m reblogging this, I usually disagree with Shaun that things are as bad as made out to be. I’ve been convinced that, though we certainly see Orwellian situations here. I do agree though that not enough people are concerned. I believe the threat of deeper Orwellian images will happen long before America turns into a Muslim country. That’s when people will really fight. I agree to a point as to the 2nd Amend. But only to a point. I’m just as afraid of these gun toters as my government and don’t trust either to do right by me.