Pictures of Another Sort

In anticipation of Husband’s retirement, we are experimenting with different ways of augmenting our limited income.  Firstly, I hope my online jewelry store ( will provide some and secondly, I want to encourage Husband to sell his photos.  He has been taking pictures for 35 years and I think he’s very good at what he does.  We bought his first camera while living in Okinawa in 1980 and he has had one ever since.  He’s now on his fourth camera and is still learning all the ins and outs, and so far it looks like it takes amazingly clear.  He specializes in flowers, especially in micro close ups of flowers.  Here is some of his work.


These are not the micro close ups he usually does, but I happened to have these handy.  I’d be interested to know if he’s really as good as I think he is, or just a good amateur.


DSC08726 DSC08725

A Difficult Hike

I took a bit of a hike yesterday to take pictures of some of our wildflowers.  It’s a dangerous hike for me because of the steep terrain, many loose rocks and boulders, long grass (which hides said rocks) and heavy leaf litter (hides dips and rocks).  For someone who’s a little iffy on her feet, I had a time staying upright.  I probably stumbled a half dozen times.  I took my crappy little camera and did my best to share the flowers with you.  You’ll forgive me if they are not in clear focus, I was operating blind as I couldn’t see the view screen in the bright sunlight.  So here we go.

Wild sweet peas
This is referred to as “miners lettuce” and is edible (at least according to Bear Grills)
Phacelia. These have a faint purple hue and smell wonderful
Fiddleneck (from above) and my toes
The steep, rocky terrain
These are tiny white puffs. I can’t find what they are called. The flower itself is about 1/4″ on fuzzy stems
Not sure what these are either. Tiny blue six petaled something on grassy stems.
California Peony. These (seemingly) red flowers(the reddish fuzzy blob in the center) hang head down and apparently bloom at night or early morning, because I’ve never seen them open, only buds and then seeds.
Top of the climb and still uphill.





Spent the last two days wandering around huge gardens.  Yesterday we spent the whole day at the Arboretum, and today we went to the Huntington Library and Garden.  We probably covered 50 miles, and today I am tired.  The fatigue is setting in and tomorrow we are supposed to go to the beach tomorrow.  It will be a shorter day, but it will have to be.

Toward the end of our afternoon H wanted to go up to the Japanese Garden and see all the bonsai.  I looked at all the steps and my heart sank.  I just didn’t think I could push myself up the winding, uneven steps to the top.  I don’t want to bum H out by sitting somewhere while he went off to take photos.  As luck would have it, they had a nice easy ramp and I made it up without a problem.

Hills and steps.  The Huntington has a lot of them.  Each can be a daunting prospect after walking all morning with my cane.  Luckily my cane is extremely light.  Unfortunately, I have to grip the handle-of course-and my hand gets sore and tired.  Stupid thumbs!

Still we had a wonderful two days exploring and photographing different flowers and trees and saw some of the most beautiful plants.  I’m glad tomorrow will be a shorter day.  I’m also glad to be headed West to the ocean instead of inland toward the fog.  The beach is my most favorite place of all.  Pretty much any beach will do.  I just need to sit in the warm sand and stare at the waves rolling in.  Maybe get my feet wet, or pick up some shells.  This is our first beach day this year and I am really looking forward to it.  I only hope my ms doesn’t get the best of me.  I still have to climb the stairs down to the beach and then back to the car, but only one flight of steps, separated by a couple of hours, I should be able to manage.

Wish me luck.