I’m spending 2 out of 5 days unable to get out of bed because of depression from watching D. Trump destroy our country.

I blame those who voted for him.

I blame the Electoral Collage, which should have saved us from this fate!

I blame the GOP for goading him on.

I blame Congress for allowing the chaos to overwhelm the WH.

I blame Trump’s father.  He must’ve been some kind of monster to have destroyed DT’s mind and stunted him at about age 5. I think his short attention span, his ability to rationalize, his lack of empathy, his need to bully, his “mine, mine, me, me” attitude, and his vocabulary all put him at about 5 years old.

Why is a 5 year old running (ruining) my country?

Washington: FIX THIS! I can feel the revolution bubbling now.

Open Letter to US Congress

Shame on you! This is NOT Game of Thrones. Or is it?  Every. Day. It’s some new atrocity out of your boy’s mouth. He’s vile, despicable and nasty as licking road kill. Saying the Puerto Ricans “want everything done for them,”  as he climbs his jet for another US tax-payer funded golf trip. A trip Puerto Rican taxes help pay for!

He’s vain, arrogant, and mean (in every way). He believes himself to be the King, and you guys are calling him Your Grace. Meanwhile the rest of us know he’s a naked emperor and he’s running amok.

While numerous key positions in the White House have still not been filled, of course incompetence reigns and chaos follows. It’s no wonder the WH was not pro-active regarding Hurricane Maria. No one is in charge! Your leader seems to believe the US can be run like a business and closes it’s doors between 5PM and 8AM.  I can just imagine the conversation as Ivanka sticks her head into his office on Friday to update him on Maria. “What’s that? We have people dying in Puerto Rico. Right. Well, it’s 5 and I’m off to Mar a Lago. See you Monday.”

It is up to you to stop him from doing stupid, Un-American things like the It’s Not A Ban Ban on Muslims or destroying health care or over taxing those who can least afford it. Do you really hate the US so much? Is it just the nearly depleted Middle Class, the Poor? Or is it just anyone not white and rich?

Are you really afraid of Muslims, or are you just pandering to the fears of the uneducated masses in Red States and fanning the flames of conflict? Did you lose the Handbook of Intelligence and Morality that came with the suit and red tie? Are you keeping up with your Continuing Education credits on morality and ethics? I think not.

You are a bunch of self-serving, hateful, cruel people pretending to do an important job while you play us like fools. If I could I would fire each and every one of you, you’d have been gone yesterday! The time for action is well past.  Right now the peoples’ hope rests with Mid-Term Elections & BrandNewCongress, and Robert Mueller.

It may not take an armed coup, but I wouldn’t rule that out. When your government tells you to quit whining and die, the people don’t have much to lose, do they?


Health insurers have taken advantage of the populace and raised their rates as soon as the ACA passed. That’s the biggest problem with healthcare in the US: insurance companies. Greedy insurance companies. Worried only about the bottom line and how much their investors will profit. Denying people medical care that would save them, things like heart and liver transplants, experimental treatments, and the elderly in understaffed, underfunded nursing homes. Sending home the 70 year old woman who just had a massive stroke. She gets 6 weeks of rehab same as everyone else. It’s unfortunate that she hasn’t improved. She’s had her six weeks. She’s out. Same for the mentally ill or addicts. The insurance company decides whether or not you are well enough to be discharged, regardless of your doctors’ recommendations. Who gave insurers this kind of power?

The GOP and insurers do not care a whit for the people they supposedly work for. Our millionaire senators don’t care if I receive life-saving treatment or not. If it costs too much for the insurance company, I won’t get it, unless I can pay for it myself. According to the GOP that is how America works; you have a choice to pay for your treatment without the benefit of insurance funds. If you decide you cannot afford the treatment, it is your right not to take the treatment. It is your right to decide if the premium too expensive. I’ve read that reps of the GOP have actually said it will be your choice to pay for health insurance or rent, car insurance, credit card bills, food. A choice. Yeah, a choice between the frying pan and the fire.

Our elected officials have the best care, with no cost to themselves. What do they care about the rest of the US. They have insurance and it’s paid for by our government! Yet they do not want the blind lady to get her Medicaid.

Let the people become millionaires and the problem will disappear. Oh, people need a hand up to become millionaires? You mean they are not smart enough? Because, you see, they live in a poor area, where the schools have no books, no wipe boards, no art, no sports, no music. When the student test scores were poor, government funds have been withheld. Does that make complete non-sense? Instead of supplying the most underperforming schools with more funds, they received less. A punishment for the students’ poor test scores. Those scores have nothing to do with the lack of educational material. Or so it would seem.

They should go to college, says the GOP. Like they did. On their daddy’s dime. People born into money (even middle class money) have no idea what it is like to live in the Projects. Because of no funding most students do not have enough of a basic education to even attempt college. If they somehow managed to graduate high school, college just costs too much. They then have a choice, go deep into debt, paying usury interest rates, for the education they know will help them move up in the world. With a business degree in hand they go looking for that job, that career that will line their pockets with gold. What’s that? There are no jobs in the area where they can use that degree. So they take a job at movie theaters, coffee houses, and fast food places.

Yet, our government representatives somehow deserve special treatment. Like they are better than the rest of us. They do only one thing, but they do it brilliantly: helping the poor stay poor and the sick get sicker. That is how it works. Pay someone a low wage, he lives in a bad neighborhood, crowded and dirty. People are prone to be sick. He has many doctor visits, lots of expensive medicine, he can’t afford, so he stays sick. The employee misses many days due to illness and gets fired. He collects unemployment, applies for food stamps and Welfare, while he searches for another job.  Now he is on the government’s dime. Completely. If he had only lived in a clean neighborhood he’d still be working, probably even get a raise. He might even make enough repairs to his old house. You see how it works?

As long as the senator is completely, 100% covered for the $7,000 worth of dental work he needs, getting the right amount of tail on the side, winning over a plump lobbyist. Meanwhile, poor students must learn to live in bad neighborhoods. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a 350 square foot studio that had been so dirty for so long there was no getting it clean again. A place destined for Repurposing and Beautification, as the entire neighborhood undergoes massive evictions, and trendy shops and restaurants replace your cheap, dingy, little apartment close to work. And don’t forget the bad teeth, caused by poor nutrition and lack of affordable dental care.

The way I see it, the only way to fix the ACA and get the GOP working on something else, is give every American the same insurance as the senators. Better yet, give the senators the same insurance they want every American to accept.


How to Win Your Revolution (Part 2)

The word “McCarthyism” is not a neutral term, but now carries connotations of false, even hysterical, Imageaccusation, and of government attacks on the political minority. From the viewpoint of the political and cultural elite, the suppression of radicalism and radical organizations in the United States was a struggle against a dangerous subversive element controlled by a foreign power that posed a real danger to the security of the country, thus justifying extreme, even extra-legal measures. From the radical viewpoint it can be seen as class warfare. From the viewpoint of the thousands of innocents who were caught up in the conflict it was a massive violation of civil and Constitutional rights. (from

Sounds a bit like what we have today in the US.  Today the radicals (at least in my mind) are those who ride the “War on Terrorism” bus and want to label even the most mundane activities as ‘suspect’.  I’m not sure if Liberals are a political minority.  Maybe.  But in this case those who’s civil and Constitutional rights are being violated are pretty widespread, but mainly aimed at the many people of color, the poor, and the indigent.  (Stop and Frisk laws, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law which resulted in two white men killing two black youths and basically getting away with murder.)

One of the tools used [in McCarthyism] was the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950 which required Communists and Communist organizations to register with the federal government. The McCarran Act was gradually ruled unconstitutional in a series of Supreme Court decisions, beginning in 1964, and it was completely repealed in 1990. Another was the Smith Act of 1940, a federal criminal statute outlawing “advocacy of violent overthrow of the government.”

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

This reminds me a lot of our Patriot Act, rushed through the legal process by the Bush Administration in 2001.

Another major element of McCarthyism was the internal screening program on federal government employees, conducted by the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover. This comprehensive program vetted all federal government employees for Communist connections, and employed evidence provided by anonymous sources whom the subjects of investigation were not allowed to challenge or identify. From 1951, the program’s required level of proof for dismissing a federal employee was for “reasonable doubt” to exist over their loyalty; previously it had required “reasonable grounds” for believing them to be disloyal.

Chelsea Manning

This reminds me a lot of the NSA spying on the American people on an unprecedented scale.

McCarthy’s anticommunist crusade faltered in 1954 as his hearings were televised, for the first time, allowing the public and press to view firsthand his bullying tactics. The press also started to run stories about how McCarthy ruined many people’s lives with accusations that were not supported by any evidence in some cases. Famously, he was asked by the chief attorney of the Army, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?” McCarthy suffered a backlash in public opinion and was investigated and then censured by the Senate for not cooperating with the investigating committee, and for publicly calling them the “involuntary agent” and the “attorneys-in-fact” of the Communist Party.

So media coverage helps end injustice.  Well, we have some media coverage of the Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman trials, and people are pissed.  What we need here is to get Florida’s (and any other states’) ridiculously biased “Stand Your Ground” law.  We apparently need a lot more media coverage of the issues facing the US now.

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

Unions were special target of communist hunters. Sensing an unfavorable environment, the AFL (American Federation of Labor) and the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) merged in 1955 to close ranks. Books were pulled from library shelves, including Robin Hood, which was deemed communist-like for suggesting stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Unions are currently being torn apart by the Republican party.  Unions which we worked so hard to get, including, and especially, the Teamsters, have gotten as corrupt as any corporation can get and started dying out in the 1990s and are nearly gone today.  The still- existing unions are facing more and more attacks from the GOP as being ‘socialist’ institutions.  Other ‘socialist’ institutions are Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment.  The truth is everyone that works, pays a little of the check every month to fund Social Security, same for Unemployment, it is funded by the country’s employers, and is calculated into your benefits package and wage.  In essence, it is something all employed people earn.

“Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.”
Abbie Hoffman

So we need media coverage of our revolution as well as heroes.  People with strong ethics and resolve.  People who remain calm in the face of ‘authority.’ People like Abby Hoffman (Civil Rights Activist, Anti-War Activist).  We need fewer George Zimmermans and Michael Dunns.  We need people like Pete Seeger who stood up to McCarthy in 1955.  (You can read the transcript here:  We need more Edward Snowdens and Chelsea Mannings.  How do we support these “radicals” and obtain for them their freedom?  How do we stand up against the current administration and the rough-riding Congress and unreasonable GOP and Tea Party?  How do we control guns to a reasonable extent in trying to keep them out of the hands of those who are mentally unbalanced?  Can we send inspectors to the homes of gun owners to make sure their weapons are safely stowed away?  How many civil liberties do we let the government trod on before we’ve had too much?

It would seem despite my best intentions, I cannot be non-political.  I care about the world and people too much.  I care about the poor and the under-served.  I care about the homeless and the mentally ill.  I just care too much to be fully Buddhist and let things play out as they will without my interference.  To me it feels a little cowardly.  Guess I lean more toward Humanism.  I want to return to the US citizens all of their civil rights.  Including ‘giving’ those rights to those currently denied; the LGBTQ community.  New laws are now going into effect in the South allowing others to deny those rights of the gay community.  Something that is so opposite of what the US is supposed to be about.

I am saddened by the current situation in the US.   The revolution is coming, though it may yet be some years off.  Whether there will be blood in the streets or not depends on the opposition.  There hasn’t been murder of activists vs military on US soil since Kent State in 1970 when US National Guardsmen fired on a crowd of student protesters, killing 4.  But the way our city police forces are acting today, I don’t think that’s going to be possible.  I think things will get worse before they get better, just as they did during the women’s suffrage movement of the turn of the 20th Century, just as they did during the Civil Rights actions in the 1960s.  Just as we are now seeing in the movement for equal rights for LGBTQ citizens.  The thing is “Rights” are just that, rights belonging to all of us, not some of us, and not to be voted on! .

American Revolution

One thing all these activists I mention have in common: their youth.  All were young men (and one woman), full of ideology and youthful hope, certain they could make a change.  They may not have fully succeeded to the extent they wanted, or got the results they hoped for, but they all stood by their convictions.  Maybe if there were more people like this, the world would be a better place.  I am not very young, nor am I an idealist (at least I don’t think I am in the same way these others are/were).  I am a realist and I realize the Revolution is coming.  I realize we cannot continue as we are.  I’ve decided I care too much to not be involved.  The biggest question is exactly what am I involved in?  And how involved am I going to be?

My husband doesn’t like this side of me.  The ‘trouble maker’ side of me.  I’ve spent years frustrated by not rocking the boat.  I no longer want to sit on the sidelines.  I’ve started to outline the things you need to run a successful revolution, but there are still so many unknowns.  Much more study of past revolutions is needed before I can actually write a ‘how to’ book.  You’ll all have to wait a bit longer.  And so will the revolution.

(Guess I still have some rant in me.)