Join the Movement

I’ve been reading Trump stuff all morning.  I’m making myself ill.  It is so frightening, what is happening here.  The good thing is we are working to get rid of him, and his cabinet. Unfortunately, the only one I don’t see implicated in the Russia thing is Pence.  Was that planned?

At the moment it appears nearly his entire cabinet and most of his advisers are involved in lies about Russian ties.  The bad thing about it will be tying up the courts for the next four years with a constant stream of impeachments.  Nothing will get done.  But at least it would stop these cretins from doing wholesale destruction of the US and our Constitution.

There are plenty of protesters.  Don’t believe the Faux News when they tell you that we are paid protesters.  That’s completely absurd, though I know there are plenty of Trumpsters who do.  Who would be paying us to protest?

And protesting works.  We are building sustainable groups.  Indivisible is a nationwide group actively involved in protests, marches, getting Reps to hold Town Halls.  We are calling our reps to get them to vote down all of Trump’s nominees, bills, etc.,  We are writing cards to the White House demanding resignation of Bannon, and firing Trump (#TheIdesOfTrump).

We have a group meeting with the Police Commission and the ACLU next month, as well as the Tax Day Protest, and the environmental march.  We are halting the progress of the #Freespeech bus.  There are many of us, but there is power in numbers!  The Trump team and Russia stole the election.  A virtual coup by Putin.  We need your help to take our country back.

Here are links to just a few groups you might look into.  It doesn’t need to become your second job or take the place of college.  Be as involved as you want.

Resist Meetup

The Nation


People Power

Well, I’m Pretty Sure it’s Not Schizophrenia

Just simple alcoholism.

jackI confronted son about the bottles of alcohol and he totally had me believing he didn’t know he’d bought them.  Put on a great act about how angry he was with himself about losing his sobriety after 8 years.  He even made a show out of throwing the bottles in the trash.  I told him I was proud of him for tossing the bottles out.  Why I didn’t toss them myself and dump them out first I’ll never understand.

How could I have been so stupid not to see through these lies.  I guess I really wanted to believe he hadn’t taken up drinking again.  That somehow drug addiction wouldn’t be so bad.  But addiction is addiction no matter the substance.  And my son is an addict and will always be one.  I just hope to be able to say he’s a recovering addict.

Things went along relatively smoothly in the afternoon, and I believed he was sober.  Until a few hours later when he began to talk gibberish again.  I hoped he was still sobering up.

He woke us about midnight wanting to turn on our bedroom light because the dog was coughing.  He said he needed a bowl because he thought the dog was going to vomit.  I asked him why he wanted a bowl from our bedroom and he just repeated that he thought the dog was sick.  I asked him why he didn’t just put the dog outside, and that just seemed to confuse him.

A quiet confrontation began and I demanded his stash and started to go through his dresser right in front of him.  All he kept saying is “What the fuck?” Husband demanded he leave the house and after some back and forth, he finally got dressed and left.  We heard him drive off and then sat around waiting for him to come home or the cops to call.  Turns out he didn’t even make it very far from our house.  He came stumbling back saying his car had stopped just up the road.  Then he took a shower and after that ranted a bit more.  A short while later he made coffee.  (Spilling it all over the floor I noticed this morning.)  He was in and out of the house all night.  Getting dressed and undressed, slamming doors and muttering until he finally fell asleep on the living room couch.pills

That takes us to this morning when he wakes me up wanting to know where his dad put his car.  I told him he drove off in it and left it somewhere.  Then he said his dad sabotaged his car and (of all things) his Facebook page.  I can’t imagine what is going on with his car, I haven’t been out looking for it yet.  As for his FB page, I imagine he’d been posting all sorts of incoherent rants and got himself taken off by the powers that be.

I feel like shit today in many ways.  I’m running on about 5 hours sleep.  My ms pain is acting up big time and in new uncomfortable places.  One positive; I’ve been trying to taper off Abilify, and am surprised this hasn’t sent me scurrying for the medicine cabinet.  I have done pretty good at not beating myself up too much, but I can’t believe I still believe his lies.  I was always able to read a lie from a mile off–from anyone but my son, I guess.

Got to take the dogs for a walk and get some air, then probably go back to bed.  Hope my day improves.

Thank you all for your support during this latest crisis in what has become my life.

He’s asleep again and hopefully will only be hung over when he gets up.

Yesterday Was a BAD Day

But today was loads better.  So I won’t go into any detail about it.  I don’t really know what happened yesterday, I just had a complete emotional meltdown.  I can’t really understand why.

Son has been touchy and angry.  Part of it is Mom, who moved out of our house back to Glendale to be closer to her doctor, announced that she was moving to Colorado to stay with Husband’s brother L.  Son is furious!  He has never been angry with his grandma, but he feels as though she is abandoning him.  The thought of her dying and him not being nearby is more than he can bear.  I have a couple of misgivings myself.  So she lied to us as to her reasons for moving out.  I know things had not been easy and my suicide attempt really brought that to light for her.  I still feel if not for that episode, she would still be here.  Now she wants to go to Pueblo, Colorado.  I haven’t looked it up, but I know that’s pretty high altitude.  Mom can’t even travel to our local mountains because the air is too thin at 5000 ft.  She can no longer travel by airplane because of her heart.  The other thing is L is a great one for promises, but a bad one for coming through.  While I don’t doubt he made the offer for Mom to come live with him, I can see him coming up with excuses as the date for the move nears.

I think she would be happiest if she lived in an assisted living place near us.  I think she’s just very lonely.  We don’t get down to see Mom ca 1933her often.  Schedules just don’t allow it.  It’s not too far away, but it does take all afternoon to go down there, take her to lunch and get back home.  Sometimes I just don’t have that much time.  If she was close by we could take her to lunch or bring her over for dinner easily.  Perhaps she would be willing to consider that.  I will do a little research on some of the local assisted living apartments about pricing and present that option to her.  Personally, at this point in her life, I’m not sure why she even needs to see her doctor, but living near us would be far closer to her doctor than Colorado!

I’ve also created a couple of projects for myself.  I am trying to help out another blogger, and seriously work on my comedy.  That should be enough to get me out of bed in the morning.