The National Association for Mental Illness is having an end of the year fund drive.  I normally don’t do this, but with Trump coming into office who knows what will happen to people who have mental health needs. It’s very possible the helplines currently out there will be cut or entangled.

Back in October 2016 (read article here) Trump was speaking to a group of veterans and commented on those with mental illness.  He stood there in front of soldiers with PTSD, those with depression, or those knew someone who committed suicide, and others who may have attempted, and called them weak.  “They can’t handle it,”  he said.  If he doesn’t even understand the basics of humanity and psychology, do you really think he will commit funding to the VA for improved care?

I don’t think he will.  I think he is going to sit in the White House and perpetuate myths and misinformation about depression, PTSD and other issues faced by returning vets.  He expects that a ‘strong’ person can beat their depression.  Like it’s a heavy bag, and punching it every day will make it go away.  It doesn’t work like that.  There’s medication and therapy.  Finding the right doctor and getting the right meds takes time and effort.  Often more effort to find help than to give in.

The man hasn’t an ounce of empathy in his body, do you think he knows how to help vets and others with mental illness beat the stigma?  No.  Obviously, Trump is going to re-introduce the myth that those with depression are just ‘weak’.  That soldiers who come back from combat with PTSD, as being “unable to handle it.”  What kind of assistance is he going to ensure the community continues to destroy the stigma and myths around mental illness.  We need to stand by NAMI, the VA and other support groups in making sure people have adequate access to mental health care.

Over the past 20 years, deaths related to substance abuse and mental illness have increased by over 1,000 percent in some areas.

This GIF Sums Up The Impact Of Addiction And Mental Illness On America  (click on graphic):

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For the complete article:  Huffington Post

Here’s Mayim Bialik  making the plea for NAMI.

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The News

The news media here in SoCal are going overboard with the manhunt for an ex-cop, ex-military man who’s gone berserk and shot several people, including two cops.  While it is an awful story, I think the media is overplaying it.  The cops found his abandoned, burnt out truck and seem to be certain he is still in the immediate area.  Those poor cops are out hiking in the mountains in a snowstorm, searching door to door.  At least that’s what the media would lead us to believe. 

For two days this is the only story playing, every hour on one channel or another.  Why is this a bigger story than another?  Ah the mysterious media makes that call and we’re drug along in its wake.  I would think there are plenty of other news stories the media might inform us of, but I would be mistaken.  Is it just here?  I’m pretty sure not.  CNN ruined the news for us by bringing us 24 hour coverage of any of a number tragedies.  Now we have to sit through endless hours of no information.  48 hours later and the media doesn’t know one iota more than they did in the first hour.  Leaving us with hours of of badly adlibbing news anchors.  I hear there’s a big snow storm hitting the East Coast.