If you are on the internet at all, you know the English language (and I’m sure others as well) is going through some rapid changes.  New words, unrecognizable abbreviations, and so many old rules seem to have been thrown out.

I’m no Grammar Nazi, but I do believe it is important.  If you are going to post something on Facebook, your webpage, or a Yahoo News story, grammar is required to properly convey your message.  I know there are people online who are not native English speakers, and so I can forgive them their inaccuracies. But others seem to be native English speakers and have no idea how to accurately convey their thoughts.   I’ve read so many comments where there is almost no capitalization.  Many people can only use commas, or worse, ellipses, between their thoughts.  They look like this:

BREAKING NEWS.i think Donald trump is the best leader to take over the american empire in 2017. Donald trump is a douche bag no doubt but hes openly a douche bag like rob ford and thats a good thing.trump is the only person on that dam ballot that isint a coward.he is the only candidate that is willing to put the cowers back into forgin powers.hes not churchill and never will be but i see elements of him that make him a man not to be pushed around.

Or this:

I think any and all religious leaders thatthat manipulate the weak minded should be thrown in the pit with lions even though after that we wouldn’t be able to have line meet because if the USDA inspected it well we all know what would happen then

People need to understand grammar is what allows our written words to be understood by others.  If you are going to bother making a post, it might as well be understandable, right?  But who am I to judge?  ‘Their’, ‘They’re’, ‘there’.  Maybe I’ll get which they mean out of context.  Still, it’s just Facebook, so what’s the big deal.

But the news stories?  Shouldn’t proper spelling and the proper use of punctuation be a requirement?  Words should be spelled correctly, and proper grammar is expected. It should be accurate, understandable, and generally make sense.  Unlike this article about a man that died playing with fireworks on the 4th of July.  It is the first article I pulled up off Yahoo News just yesterday.  If it was written on paper, I’d expect it to be in crayon and look like this:  kids writing

Who writes these articles, 3rd graders?

A Question of Morality

I think too much about war and how stupid it is. It’s always the government, political leaders, religious zealots, mad men, who take us to war.  So much destruction on both sides.  Why do armies destroy everything, killing cattle, burning fields and houses, killing civilians?  Why is it farmers’ sons march off to war?  The civilians starve, the prisoners starve, the soldiers starve.  In the end millions have died.  And why?  Because President A wants the land Prime Minister B has, or King W burns the ships of King Z, because he felt King Z was a threat.

Why can’t we just go in and take out the crazy politicians who take us to war–and before you scream, “how do you know which ones are crazy”–they’ll be the ones dragging their country, deluded and disillusioned, into war over which church you should attend.  Why should so many people have to die in WWII just to de-rail Hitler?  Sure there were assassination attempts, but none succeeded.  They gave up.  All the Germans did. Give in to the Nazis or die. Not much of a choice.  And Japan?  We knew of their atrocities against the Chinese prior to WWII, and did nothing.

soldiersI believe we could put an end to war if we just put out the word that assassination was back on the board.  Elite special forces would be trained in all the latest in assassination products and protocol.  But the world would be in anarchy, you say.  But would it?  Would the world have been a better place without Stalin, or Hitler, or Putin, or  Kim Jong Un?  If it came to it and there was war in Korea, how many would die?  How many are dying now because of him?  What prevents us from creating a special international group of assassins.  Something people would have to volunteer for, and I’m guessing there are plenty of volunteers to be found.

I really don’t condone violence and I would easily settle for some sort of international group of kidnappers.  We’d kidnap the crazies.  By “we” I mean the sane part of the world.  Sort of a branch of the UN.  We could kidnap the loons, and put them on trial for the crimes they are committing.  What to do with them afterward I guess is up to this special group, or perhaps it could have an international vote.(Wikipedia)

Most of us can get along just fine.  Gay, straight.  Black, White, Brown, Red, Green or Blue with red stripes. Inked or not.  Muslim, Christian, Jew.  Most of us don’t care which church you chose to attend, as long as you don’t demand I join it, and I won’t discuss Atheism with you.  All anyone wants is to be treated with kindness and respect.  Treat me kindly and I will do the same.

If the world must be protected by armies from the lunatics in charge.  Let’s do it with the least amount of blood spilled.


Or lack thereof, is a problem, and here it is New Year’s Day.  A time to promise to live better and control expenses, write that novel, shop that novel, find an agent, not live on credit cards, get fit and somewhere in all that you remember to be grateful and enjoy each monotonous, lonely day.

And year after year we find a dozen reasons not to live better; I don’t have to live by society’s standards, I am who I am, I accept me as I am, extra weight and all.  Right? Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Who will care if I don’t finish that novel. Take up Yoga? All that getting up and down at my age-ugh. TaiChi? It will take me years to get the hang of it, plus there’s the problem with my ankles.  The very idea of getting dressed, climbing into my car, to drive to a gym where I pay someone yell at me that I can do ‘one more’ is too terrible to even think about.

I think it’s something innate that leads us to self sabotage.  Maybe part of the Survival of the Fittest sort of thing?  Self defeating people would tend to thin the herd.  (‘We’ being the un-physically fit, socially awkward type and less likely to reproduce.) So it’s built in, this self doubt and the media plays on those very insecurities.  We see only perfect people on television, and we expect each other to be perfect and we make celebrities out of random odd people who keep getting married to thugs or having plastic surgery.  Definitely a ‘thinning of the herd’ type of thing.  And the way I see it, it’s our jobs as humans to break through the self doubt to change our lives.

We’re getting ‘dumbed down’ instead of ‘smarted up.’  We don’t teach our children to think.  We teach them what to think.  And only our schools teach our children, not the family, no society at large.  And outside of Sesame Street, television is getting dumber and so are we.  And less social.  We use ATMs and self checkout stands at the grocers so we don’t have to deal with other people.  Most people don’t even know what a paperback is anymore.  We have ereaders so we can play games while we’re on the toilet.  We get 300 channels on our televisions and are entertained by endless news casts, reruns, and ‘reality’ shows.  We have 52″ flat screen plasma televisions (with HD) and watch football games on the 5″ screen on our cellphone.  We shop online and wonder why it didn’t feel like Christmas this year?

Yet our motivation to better ourselves seems weak, if it is there at all.  Are you unmotivated

 Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

because you’re depressed, or depressed because you’re unmotivated?  How do you stay motivated?  With the pride of accomplishment?  What about love who you are now?  I don’t need to wear the “right” fashion to be accepted.  I don’t need to drop 20 lbs.  Plenty of women are carrying far more than that.  Who’s looking at me any more any way?  This summer I bought a bikini for the first time in years, extra 20 lbs and all and went to the pool.  I figured, plenty of women go to the pool wearing less and weighing more.

How do you stop your brain from asking, “‘none of this will matter in 50 years,’ so just relax, slow down, enjoy your life, don’t stress about running marathons and eating gluten-free, polyunsaturated fatty foods.

I find it hard to maintain a healthy balance between things I should do and things I’d like to do, and things I have to do.  My motivation in all three is down to nil.  I just can’t work up the interest to care.  I like writing my blog, doing genealogy, and now I’m volunteering for other things at the dog shelter, like photographing the animals and keeping the animals updated on the website.  But after I volunteer I regret it, because I don’t know if I really want to.  You know, get all involved with people and rules and other weirdness.

I feel restless, like I’m letting my life pass me by.  But I am content to write my blog, read others’, Tai Chiexercise as much as I do, running errands, and in general being a housewife.  Though I am not content every day.  I’ll stick with Tai Chi.  Something I’ve always wanted to learn.  I understand it takes years to become expert and I’m not doing too much else with the rest of my life.  I’m trying to treat everyone with kindness and we know that’s not always easy.  I’m content right now–well, close to it– but will I become discontent next year, or next week?  Disappointed in myself?  Yes, and nothing will change.

At what point does contentment become acceptance?  And how much should I accept?

Handicapped Media

Pistorius looks like he’ll win some gold.  I can’t imagine the hope he gives to someone who has lost a limb.   I love watching him, and you can see all the work he has done.  He deserves to be there and I don’t know how anyone considers the loss of both your lower legs as having an advantage.  I hope he wins big.  Encourage more “handicapped” to try out for the games.

In fact, why are there TWO Olympics, one Special, one not so much?  Why are they separate?  There may be things some to change, like adding wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing.  I’m sure there are a lot of practical reasons for keeping them separate, but it stinks of “ism” to me.  Like racism, only keeping separate but equal for the Un Normal ones?  Not sure if it’s a word, but I suggest we use disabledism.

Have you ever seen the Special Olympics on national TV?  I haven’t, but I don’t watch much of the Regular (?) Olympics.  The separatism of “our” world and “theirs.”  Why don’t we hear about these Little Darlings of America?

Did I ever mention how I hate the media.  If you think you are in control of your life, think again.  The media (CNN) dictates what you see, when you see it, and whether or not it is “clean” enough for you to see it.  Big Brother might be watching me, But who’s got an eye on them?

The media make or break a person, not their PR.  It just depends on if “the powers that be” like them or not.  The media can convict a black man of murder, even though there is blonde hair at the crime scene.

The media (CNN/Times) decide which stories to report.  Based on what they “think” we are interested in seeing.  So what’s tonight’s lead story?  Man murders woman, or hundreds killed in Syria?  NO.  Kim Kardashian just launched a new color nail polish.  That is their lead story.

I could go on, and I did, but I tried to add a graphic and had to revert to a previous saved version and had totally forgotten all the great stuff I said.  Rats.  You, dear bloggers, would have liked it too.