The Resistance

I have been working with resistance groups for only a few months.  I have learned so much in that short time, met some wonderful, amazing people, and found a sense of purpose.

The drag of this is it looks like the Resistance may not be needed before long, what with Trump being investigated for Obstruction of Justice.  Impeachment papers are being filed, and the White House executives are lawyering up.  I can see this going pretty deep into Trump’s staff: Pence, Bannon, Kuschner, Ivanka, and all the rest of the degenerates and unqualified bozos.  And I celebrate to see this happening.

Even if this all goes down, the Resistance will need to work to repair the damage done in these short six months of Trump’s tyranny.  To that end, it is going to take a lot of work to get people to vote.  Time for the Independents to grow in number and create a strong third party.  We need to ensure that it will be impossible in the future that no single party gains control of the House, Senate and Presidency at one time.  We need to eliminate Gerrymandering, and that will not be easy with a Republican Congress.  We need to eliminate Lobbyists. They’re just glorified beggars, aren’t they?  Disgusting humans.

To make that happen, however, we need to inform people of the importance of voting and when voting, how to do so.  We need to teach our children and immigrants the importance of voting for all elected positions.  Including the School Board.  If more people actually became aware of what their school boards are doing, perhaps we can save education from the greasy talons of Betsy DeVos.

We are the people, remember?  We are the people who create this country and hold onto the values on which it was founded.  That means taking back control of our government at all levels. That means education.  It means hard work.  It needs your time and effort. This is a hard thing to do, for people have families, work (sometimes at two or more jobs).  People have cars that break down.  They get ill, lose jobs, lose insurance, and in the end, lose hope.  It would be good for people to have hope again.

I hope this blog will help educate people on how the government works, where your tax money goes, and the danger of Gerrymandering.  Here is an excellent explanation of Gerrymandering and why it is dangerous.  I didn’t know how bad this was until recently. Gerrymandering lines should be erased–permanently–if we don’t want a single party system.


Did I Tell You I Hate Election Years?

I am so tired of all the mud slinging that goes on in politics any more.  Every election, whether for president, governor, or mayor, the idea of campaigning is apparently throw lies at your opponent.  It’s ridiculous to listen to one side bad mouth the other, when you want them to talk about the important stuff they march out every four years: abortion, stem cells, gay marriage, god in schools…giving animals the right to vote.  All the issues there will be no answer on until the end of time.  Why can’t we all agree to disagree on these points and leave them the f*ck out of the equation!  

I’m not even sure the president is really in charge any more.  The democrats hate the republicans and vice versa.  One group will work against the other side’s ideas just on principal instead of working together.  You remember working together lessons from Sesame Street?  Cooperation.  It’s a big word, but I believe most of us know what it means.  How about a little compromise!?  I get so angry about it sometimes I decide to vote.  Then when nothing changes I get discouraged and decide not to vote.  What would happen if we boycotted the elections.  What if no one voted?  Would anarchy rule?  Would the revolution begin?

No.  Armageddon would not be the result.  The republicans would vote and screw things up permanently.  They’d elect themselves king and the rest of us would grovel before them or die.  I feel the revolution coming.  What form should it take?  Who should be involved?  Would they call it a coup?  Arm all the college kids, force the good old boys out and start rethinking our code of ethics.

What happened to ethics?  Used to be someone said something, it was meaningful and sincere, honest and forthcoming because to do otherwise is against their character.  They decide they want to help people.  Become involved in politics and lose all morals.  How does that happen?  Is it because the senate and house now have more power to work against the sitting president, and have no qualms in doing so even to the detriment of the country.

I delude myself that politics has ever been different.  There may be honest people who get involved in politics, but they don’t remain honest.  The power given to our elected representatives is so tempting even Christ would sell his soul to be part of.  Our elected officials live the life of luxury, pretending to care about the people who elected them, when all they care about is covering their own asses when something turns sour.

I know if I don’t vote I don’t really have the right to complain, or do I?  Will there come another day when the smart overwhelm the stupid and the right people get elected?  Someone like the Dalai Lama would be a good start.  Any Buddhist running gets my vote!  Guess I better make sure I’m registered, because I want to be able to complain about the outcome.

I Didn’t Vote Yesterday

Yesterday we had the Primary Election, and voted on several key issues.  I was so tired of listening to all the crap.  The bottom line, in November there will be two candidates to choose from for President: Mr. Obama or Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney?!  OMFG!  I thought we had a bad time with two terms of George the Ignorant!

I can’t imagine the debt he will ramp up, while somehow managing to decrease public services, like medicare and food stamps programs and utterly destroy the already terrible American School System.  A school system that cannot teach art, let alone tolerance, in a room full of kids sharing one book because the school can’t afford more books.  I can’t count the number of times the grade school solicits for money.  The PTA used to have bake sales to buy extra things for the school, like library improvements, or a new jungle gym for the kindergarten.  Not to buy basic supplies like paper and pencils.  These things the teachers often buy out of their own pockets.  Not that the Governor of Wisconsin cares.  Or any one else for that matter.

When I was in school I was taught anyone can be president of the US, even a bucktoothed, freckel faced, geeky girl.  Turns out that’s a lie.  It comes down to who has the most money, and it’s not just this campaign, but all campaigns.  We don’t even care where that money comes from.  Apparently Americans are just naturally drawn to money.  We are enthralled by it, and someone with large amounts of money is an automatic celebrity, ala Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Oprah.

Oh, please, powers of the universe, hear my plea:  Please NO Mitt Romney as President.  I don’t want to move to Canada!  It’s cold up there, eh?